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How to Make Your Last Year of College Incredible

How to Make Your Last Year of College Incredible
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Amanda Suazo August 21, 2014

With senior year right around the corner, making a bucket list of everything you want to achieve will make sure you leave no stone unturned in college.

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You finally made it to senior year — a time to reflect on your college experience and make the most out of the few semesters you have left.

This list will help you decide how to spend your final year, especially since you may never have the chance to experience college life again. To end the school year strong, create a bucket list of things you’ve always wanted to do (or want to do again) and jot down the must-dos needed to ensure you graduate college.

Act Like a Freshman

A few years ago, you came to campus with a cocktail of excitement and nerves. You experienced school in a different way when everything looked brand new — why not recreate it? Stage a reunion with your old roommates, hang out in the dining hall, visit your first dorm building, or reach out to the first professors you had. It’s easy to see how far you’ve come when you stand next to freshmen witnessing campus life for the first time.

Rekindle Your School Spirit

Now that you’re a senior, school events seem like a normal part of life; you may not realize how much they contribute to your college experience. The sports games, a capella performances, drama productions, and fundraisers form the heart of student activity. Make time to visit these events and see how fellow classmates got involved on campus over the years. You may never witness them again (at least until you come back to visit).

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Everyone expects students to be broke, so stretch your budget with that school ID while you can. Look for markdowns everywhere: restaurants, retail stores, coffee shops, bars, online stores, sporting events, and museums, to name a few. There’s nothing unusual about a penniless student looking to save money — if you don’t see a discounted student rate, just ask!

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

As a freshman, you might have been afraid to offer free hugs in the quad, volunteer for an improv skit, or perform at an open mic night; but as a senior, you don’t need to blend in anymore. Doing something wacky can round out your college experience and even help you find a few new friends before you graduate. Plus, it will prepare you for the real world, where discomfort and awkwardness can come out of nowhere.

Visit the Landmarks in Your College Town

Did you spend so much time getting involved on campus that you barely went anywhere else? Even if you did go downtown once in a while, take a weekend this year to visit again. Find the popular student hangouts, uncover new shops or landmarks, and talk to locals. These people and places support your school and deserve some appreciation.

Take a (New) Class

Sure, you probably don’t want too much homework this year because hanging out with your friends seems more appealing, but taking a course outside of your major can be a fun social outlet too. Find a fun elective class with a pass/fail grading scale and an easy workload; you can spend time with friends and learn something.

Think Beyond Graduation

Even though thinking about leaving college behind can be scary, it’s important for you to start taking steps to organize your postgrad life. If you’re thinking about going to graduate school, look up programs you are interested in, as well as application deadlines. If you’re trying to turn your internship into full time employment, talk to your supervisor about future opportunities in a respectful way. Reach out to people who have your dream job and ask for an information interview so you can get an idea of a possible career path. Weaving in this future thinking will make sure that the fun doesn’t end after college.

Show Gratitude

College life introduced you to professors, friends, school staff, and community members who shaped you into an awesome person — so thank them. Write cards, nominate them for awards, give hugs, or just say “thanks" in person. These people entered your life to make a difference; letting them know how they helped you means more than you realize.

Ready to get started on that bucket list to making your senior year amazing? We’re excited for you!

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