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How To Organize Yourself For The Semester

How To Organize Yourself For The Semester
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Hailey Foster, January 25, 2019

The beginning of each semester is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and create new regimes for yourself. In addition to starting fresh, the goals for the new year can also coincide wi

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The beginning of each semester is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and create new regimes for yourself. In addition to starting fresh, the goals for the new year can also coincide with school pathways such as being organized, staying focused, and keeping up determination through every task and assignment. The right mindset and tools are essential in order to complete these goals. Here are some tips and tricks to make this semester the best one yet:

Get a Planner

These planners from Bailey Shea are absolutely gorgeous and will definitely help you with all of your goals for not only school needs but other necessities and important duties to complete throughout your day-to-day. The best thing about these planners (that come in three different designs, by the way) is that you can choose which layout you want to see your tasks in (either vertical, horizontal with a checklist, or traditional horizontal). Similarly to the planner above, you have the option to personalize it as well. The best feature of this planner is that it is equipped with extra pages for vacation planning, internet passwords, shopping and to-do lists, and a journal to jot down your thoughts. This planner will definitely help you feel under control, so you’ll never want to leave home without it!

Go Go Google

I highly recommend using Google Drive to keep all of your school work together. I have been using this application since my sophomore year in high school and I find it just as useful now in my junior year of college. The way this tool is set up is that you can create folders for all of your classes and use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc., which are similar to all of the Microsoft platforms that are offered. The one reason why I love Google so much is that in any of the platforms you create, any word, picture, graph, or other piece of information you enter is automatically saved so you never have to worry about losing another assignment ever again. Using Google Drive and seeing all of my folders makes me feel like I am under control and can handle any amount of work. Try out Google Drive this semester and change the way you organize all of your classes- hassle free!

Don’t Procrastinate

Everyone is guilty of putting off assignments, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome this pesky habit. Last semester, I learned that it is better to get a task done, no matter how big or small, than to keep it on the backburner; this only adds more stress to your day. Even though the urge of sitting down and watching Netflix or going out with your friends sounds a million times better than doing another assignment for your class, completing it before the due date will make you feel euphoric and proud. For me, I’ve always tempted myself to get assignments done early so I would have more time to do things that I actually wanted to do. If I could complete easy tasks a week before they were due, I would finish them so come the actual day to turn in the assignment, I would be able to polish it with fresh eyes. This semester, get your work done early to avoid added stress and mental breakdowns. No more bad semesters 2019!

The best start to a new year is to make sure that the semester goes smoothly. In order to ensure this, the tools and tips listed above will assuredly help to make you all more organized and in control of everything thrown your way. Don’t let another semester slip away- take success into your own hands and make organization a long-term life goal!