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How to Start Loving Mondays

How to Start Loving Mondays
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My name January 15, 2018

The sound of an alarm going off at 7 a. m.

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The sound of an alarm going off at 7 a.m. is not the best thing to wake up to. But something about waking up to it on a Monday just seems to make it worse. I’ve learned to look at Mondays in a different light. It isn’t just the end of a weekend but the fresh start to a new week. Here are five ways that I have learned how to start loving Mondays.

Change your alarm tone to your favorite song or a happy song. We all know hearing our alarm in the morning, especially on Mondays–isn’t the best–but changing the ring to a song you like can change your mood in the morning.

Do a 30 minute workout before breakfast. I know this may not be your ideal Monday morning, but trust me–when you get up all grumpy and still tired, doing a little bit of exercise will help you get through your day with a very different perspective.

Meet your friends for breakfast or lunch. If you are in college doing this might be more difficult, but try to meet your classmates before any of your classes, it will make for a more relaxed and easygoing day. Or for lunch, which will probably be easier for a lot of you.

Use your Sunday nights. Sometimes it can be really hard for us to find time throughout the week. Make sure to make use of your Sunday nights. Before bed, I always pick out my outfit for the next day, do a little bit of meal prep, and write a to-do list in my planner! But most importantly, I like to relax. There is nothing better than a Sunday night, your favorite Netflix show, and a warm cup of tea to prepare yourself for the week ahead.

Seek motivation. I have always been a firm believer that everything has meaning. Try to start your week with a positive mindset. Find motivation in even the smallest of things, and you will most definitely start to feel a happier sense of self.

Changing the little things from your every day routine can make yourself have a better and more exiting week than you think. Become aware of the positive feelings that a productive Monday can bring, and the impact it can make on the rest of the week.