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How to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated
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Staying motivated can get pretty hard, especially if you feel as though you are alone. I’m here to tell you that staying motivated can be easy if you take these ideas into consideration!  

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Staying motivated can get pretty hard, especially if you feel as though you are alone. I’m here to tell you that staying motivated can be easy if you take these ideas into consideration!

I like to stay motivated by having a “goals board.” This is similar to a mood board but instead, all of your goals will be on there. I always make sure that my goals are in reach so they won’t be impossible to attain. You can hang your board on your door so that you see it every single day before you leave. You can also leave it on your desk, or even in your notebooks for your classes so that you accidentally come across them. I like to “stumble” upon my goals so that, when I see them, I start to think about how I can achieve them, motivating me to get them done.

Another way to stay motivated is to have a day planner. I cannot stress this enough. Of course, day planners aren’t for everyone, and that’s okay. Whether you use a notebook or simply a notepad, make sure you write down everything you have to do for the day, and the following week, so that you’re prepared and you will know what to do at all times. Writing things down really helps me remember what I have to do. If you prefer to write it down on your phone, that’s fine too, as long as you’re writing your plans down somewhere.

Whenever you’re not feeling very motivated, it’s important to surround yourself with people who are motivated. I tend to get lazy, tired, and unmotivated, but when I’m surrounded by people who are always on the go and ready to accomplish their entire to-do list, it makes me want to be like them. Get together with your friends on a weekly basis, and instead of just hanging out, you could make a homework session out of it. When I was dorming, my friends, classmates, and I liked to have two homework sessions a week. One at the beginning of the week to ensure that we’re motivated, and then one closer to the end of the week so that we stay motivated to get to the finish line. Try having a study session either on Sunday or Monday, and then another one on Wednesday or Thursday to ensure that you’re always motivated.

I also have a “motivating playlist” that I switch up every month. This playlist includes many songs that make me feel empowered, courageous, determined, and ambitious. Having a playlist can completely change your mood, so make one that keeps you motivated. Of course, don’t include any songs that make you want to lie on the couch and sleep. If you can’t think of any motivating songs, then include songs that make you want to get up and dance. This will ensure that you won’t be on your bed laying around all day.

The last step needed to keep you motivated is to stay away from your phone and social media. I get it, you need your phone and laptop to do homework, that’s fair, but set aside some time to get off of social media for a little bit. When you’re doing homework, make sure your phone isn’t in reach. You can even set a timer that lets you work for a bit and then gives you time to check social media. I like to do my homework for a full hour before checking any social media. Try setting your timer for an hour, and do nothing but homework during that time. Then, once the timer goes off, give yourself some time to breathe a little before going back to your homework for a straight hour.

Hopefully these tips will help you stay motivated. These are the things I usually do in order to stay motivated, but I’m also open to new suggestions. How do you guys stay motivated?


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