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How to Travel on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget
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Arielle Joselson October 3, 2019

Traveling. That is an activity that many people enjoy partaking in.

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Traveling. That is an activity that many people enjoy partaking in. However, as young adults on a tight financial plan, how can we get to enjoy the activity that a lot of “older people" can afford? Well, I will give you a few tips on how we can go on vacation- even on a budget. According to Money Under 30s Guide To Traveling on a Small Budget, there are numerous options that can make your dream vacation come true.

“The first piece of advice given to people is to try not to eat three meals a day. Stay somewhere with free breakfast and fill up in the morning. Then you only need a very light lunch, some kind of prepared food, and you can have one immense meal for dinner.

Utilize the grocery store when purchasing food. Taking advantage of the local grocery store can save a lot of expense as opposed to going out to a restaurant. Sharing your trip (as well as costs) with a family member or friend. This way, you get the financial benefit of splitting the cost of accommodations as well as food. Travel in the off-season. For college students, many of us have long winter as well as summer vacations. Travel when the younger kids do have school. This way the price of airfare as well as lodging will be less expensive. Also, travel to a place where you know people. Preferably, staying with people that you know can be not only so much fun, but a true money saver. Avoid shopping as well as gift shops. This may be a difficult task for many of us who love to purchase souvenirs when on vacation-but it can save a ton of money. An exception to this rule can be to look for an independent book store and buy one book and that can count as a souvenir for the trip.

In addition, be on the lookout for roadside grills, as well as other cheap and tasty food options. Share your skills with an independently owned hotel that does not necessarily have the marketing budget that a large chain does. For example, are you a freelance writer? Photographer?

Graphic designer? Or, Translator? These skills can be exceptionally useful to a hotel. Ask for advice from the locals. Some of the best deals on food, accommodations as well as other necessities can be discovered only through word-of-mouth. Lastly, if it at all possible, give up your airline seat for a travel credit. Volunteering when an airline needs to move passengers around from an overbooked flight can leave you with a voucher that can be substantially enough to purchase a ticket for your next trip" (Money Under 30’s Guide To Traveling On A Small Budget).

Some of you may ask, has Arielle utilized any of these tips when traveling on vacation? Well, I actually have! When on vacation, I usually do not purchase souvenirs as I know they can be super expensive for something that is not of great quality. Also, when I travel with my family, we sometimes stay at a Hilton Hotel which is perfect because we are Hilton Honors members- which means that we often get nights for no cost at all. Also, being a Hilton Honors member gives you free breakfast! This way we save on food and we can eat as much as we want (it is often a buffet style) and will not be hungry until much later in the day. We usually travel during the summer (because my brother- a recent grad of high school) was in school during the year. And we are aware of the fact that prices increase during the time students (usually up until college age) do not have school. One of my favorite places to travel to is the Caribbean. My family and I have not taken a trip all together to St. Thomas or St. John in a few years. Instead of going to the Caribbean, we have been going on family road trips-such as to Long Beach Island. Road trips can be incredibly fun as well as cost effective. In terms of traveling to the Caribbean, I would love to make use of the fact that I know how to do photography (as well as writing) and could help out at the hotel where we used to stay.

I am excited to share with you all these tips on how we can go on vacation, have a great time, and still be budget friendly! Just because we are young adults should not mean that we cannot go on vacation. “Take vacations, go as many places as you can, you can always make money, you can’t always make memories" -Unknown.