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I Got Into College … Now What?

I Got Into College … Now What?
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Greg Johnson October 14, 2014

There are a number of tasks to complete during the summer before you start college. Here's a month-by-month to ensure you don't miss any important deadlines .

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Selecting a college and mailing in the deposit can be a great relief, but there is plenty left to do before you can officially begin. Fulfilling final requirements for fall enrollment and planning for the transition to college should be top priorities. Here are the steps you should take over the summer to successfully begin freshman year:


# Set up your email account and online system login.

Your school has probably already started to send you important emails at your school account. Make sure you are aware of them. If you have trouble logging in, call your college’s IT department.

# Sign up for on-campus orientation.

This may be your first chance to meet classmates, become familiar with your campus, and get excited about college. While orientation is often mandatory, it will introduce you to college life and help you feel more comfortable come September.

# Complete housing forms.

This paperwork matches you to a dorm/residence hall, and with an appropriate roommate. Housing forms should be mailed to you by your college. Contact your school’s Residential Life office if you do not receive them.

# Sign up for a payment plan (if necessary).

A payment plan will help you manage your bills and pay your tuition on time. These plans can usually be set up online, but call your Financial Aid office if you need assistance.


# Submit a final transcript and any AP score records.

Your high school guidance counselor should send these documents to your college’s Admissions Office. For that reason, try to get this done before school is out for the summer.

# Schedule a doctor’s appointment.

Required health and immunization forms must be completed by your doctor and submitted to your college. These forms should be mailed to you, but they can also be found on your school’s Health Services website. Be sure to tell your doctor that you need a checkup for college since he/she will need to sign several forms.


# Finalize your payment plan.

Make sure you know how you will pay your bill for the fall semester and the remainder of the year. Payment plans can typically be managed online or through your Financial Aid office.

# Complete loan paperwork.

If you have loans, you must complete the appropriate forms to release the funds to your college. Completing this now will ensure a balance isn’t left on your account when the semester begins.

# Complete health insurance paperwork.

Whether you will receive health insurance through your college, the state, or your family’s policy, you need to inform your college of this decision. These forms can typically be found on your college’s website or at the Health Services Center.

# Take any required placement tests.

Many schools require students to complete math placement tests, so you can enroll in a class level that suits your current abilities, rather than a course that you may find overly challenging or under-engaging.

# Apply for work study jobs (if applicable).

Work study is a great way to earn some money while in school. These jobs fill up quickly, so apply as soon as you can. Work study jobs are typically listed on your college's website, through Career Services or Student Activities.


# Prepare for move-in day.

If you are living on campus, you will need to go shopping for dorm room supplies. While this can be stressful and costly, don’t forget to have fun as you prepare for your new life!


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