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It’s Okay to do Things Alone

It’s Okay to do Things Alone
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My name October 8, 2017

Oftentimes, people are afraid to do things alone. I understand that it’s your first semester in college and you’re dorming for the first time.

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Oftentimes, people are afraid to do things alone. I understand that it’s your first semester in college and you’re dorming for the first time. You’re afraid to do things alone because you don’t want to look like you don’t have friends, but I promise you, it’s okay to do things alone.

When you do things by yourself, it shows that you are independent. Starting to do things alone is a great way to gain independence and learn how to be by yourself. When you’re in college, your parents aren’t always going to be there to help you. Learning how to do things alone can help guide you as you become an adult. This allows you to stand on your own two feet and not have to depend on someone else.

Doing things alone can also be beneficial because you’re not waiting for anyone else. I remember when I was dorming, I waited a long time for my roommates to get ready, and it just irritated me. When you do things alone, you don’t have to worry about this. Also, it sometimes it makes me feel bad when people are waiting for me, but whenever I do things alone, I don’t feel pressured by the impatience of others. Going to the library or eating at the dining hall alone is a good thing because you can take your time, you don’t have to feel rushed, and you don’t have to wait for anyone. When you do things by yourself, you can do everything how you want without people complaining.

Additionally, doing things alone can be beneficial for those of you who have anxiety. It takes a lot of courage to do things alone when you have anxiety, but once you start, it’s easier to handle your anxiety. At first when I first started going to concerts alone, I had an anxiety attack because I needed someone there with me. Now, a few years later, I love going to concerts alone. Doing things alone can help your anxiety because you’re able to control your emotions and your reactions, as it forces you to get used to the feeling of being by yourself. For those of you who have anxiety, start off small. Try walking around the neighborhood alone, going to the grocery store, or going to the gym.  When you start off small, it helps you to get better with bigger things, such as attending a big event alone. Doing things by yourself can truly help to control your anxiety.

Finally, doing things alone is quite peaceful. Learning to do things alone really helps you to appreciate your alone time. Oftentimes, we’re so used to being around people that we never appreciate “me time." When you’re off running errands by yourself, it helps you to learn how to be alone, and how to appreciate it. Alone time will give you the time to relax, breathe, and not have anyone bother you.

As scary as it is to do things alone, it’s beneficial. Doing things on your own is one step closer to becoming an adult. Don’t see this time as lonely or tortuous, because it gives you the opportunity to be mindful and appreciative.