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Let’s Talk: Favorite Podcasts

Let’s Talk: Favorite Podcasts
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Noodle Contributor January 19, 2018

 Today we are talking all about our favorite podcasts! Here's what our contributors had to say. .

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Today we are talking all about our favorite podcasts! Here’s what our contributors had to say…

Emily Rose Thorne: I am not a big podcast person, but I’ve recently become interested in the video series from the Washington Post called “How to be a Journalist” hosted by on-air reporter Libby Casey. So far, there are only two episodes, but they touch on some very important topics in response to increasing interest in journalism. In the first episode, the women who reported on the allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, talked about verifying information and conducting interviews. Future episodes will include how to file a FOIA request (the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, has provided the public — including journalists — the right to request access to records from any federal agency since 1967), how to be a whistleblower and how to organize an investigation.

Malavika Kannan: Every weekday morning, I follow a routine: grab coffee, check emails, and catch up on NPR’s All Things Considered. All Things Considered is a fresh, energizing take on each day’s pressing issues, whether that’s business, entertainment, or Trump’s latest political fiasco. (The latter always seems to wake me up better than the coffee!) Regardless, I look forward to the radio show every morning because it keeps me up to speed and gives me plenty to think about for the rest of the day– or at least, until the next episode goes live.

Genevieve Clark: Lately, I’ve been loving Zora Ilunga-Reed’s, We the Ppl! A political podcast by teenagers, for teenagers, it covers current and controversial political issues in a way that is easy to understand. Even as a writer, I sometimes struggle to keep up with the news, and understand it fully, but the podcast provides an easy-to-follow explanation of important political events in the United States.

Meagan Donovan: I love the Serial podcast! The first season is SO intriguing as it is stylized as a “whodunnit” story—much like the Netflix show “Making a Murderer.” On a lighter note, I also love Views by David Dobrik and Jason Nash. It’s a bit inappropriate for younger audiences but is hilarious and energetic for my long morning commutes.

Sara Kim: I don’t have a favorite podcast, but I have listened to the “Serial” podcast and I would recommend it for anyone who likes good investigative stories. The podcast is like listening to a narrative of an investigative journalism piece.

Leslie Marsh: Although I am not into podcasts I have always loved Ellen DeGeneres because she is so funny, light-hearted, and she knows how to engage her audience. While she’s able to keep things light and hilarious, such as when she talks to some of her favorite young kids dancers, she is also able to talk about serious issues, as she’s very vocal about her life as a gay woman.

Allanah Taylor: My favorite talk show to watch is either Live with Kelly & Ryan or Ellen DeGenres. Since I can remember I’ve watched these two shows with my mom and have always looked up to Kelly and Ellen as strong women. I love that Ryan Seacrest was named Kelly’s co-host because it’s been my dream for a little while now to be as successful in the journalism world as he is.

Linda Tran: I’m not much of a podcast person but I do listen to Style Collective’s podcasts. They have podcasts to help bloggers and influencers reach their goals and I find them to be very informative.

Anne Demarest: I am not typically someone who listens to radio shows or podcasts, but when I do watch talk shows I really enjoy like Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmly Kimmel offers a lot of humorous tidbits that I personally find really funny and enjoyable. I also really enjoy the guests that he has on the show, I am always entertained by their conversations.

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