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Making The Most Of Your Millennial Struggle

Making The Most Of Your Millennial Struggle
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Nineteen-year-old Valentina June 19, 2017

 If you’re at any spot in the millennial group, you know that life can easily turn into an endless cycle of running around. Due date after due date, shift hours, deadlines…these are timefr

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If you’re at any spot in the millennial group, you know that life can easily turn into an endless cycle of running around. Due date after due date, shift hours, deadlines…these are timeframes that we live by, instead of living according to our own standards. Obviously, this is just life for any working citizen in society, but sometimes we run the risk of forgetting to live and genuinely enjoy each day that is granted to us. While this seems to describe most everyone in our contemporary era, it takes its heaviest toll on millennials.

Millennials are a unique generation that has sociologists ready to pounce, with their notepad in hand. For some reason, everyone wants to study us! Why are we so tech savvy? Why are we so diverse? So pierced and tattooed? Studies show that our millennial generation is probably the most accepting and ambitious group of citizens–which can be a double edged sword since it contributes to a stressful life.

“Recent findings have discovered that Generation Millennial is really Generation Stress. Participants in studies have found that when Millennials rate their stress it is at a resounding 5.4 average. Baby Boomers registered at 4.7 and the Matures or WWII group is stressed only at a 3.7 level. Millennials add that stress keeps them awake at night and they are unsure of where they are going in life.”

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Basically, our mindset is said to be fast-paced and always focused on the future aspect of our actions. This is mainly rooted from the circumstances our generation grew up in. If you’re a millennial, you witnessed the recession; probably watched your parents work two jobs, complain about gas prices, lose their job, or even have no job at all. These were also peak times where entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg were in full bloom and changed ideas of success in the workplace. Factors such as these, especially combined, play a vital role in the average milllenial’s mindset when it comes to thoughts about the future and daily life. We witnessed the lows of traditional means of living so we aspire to chase after a more extraordinary life…a pursuit that often lands us in a spiral of unhappiness.

Here are a few tricks for your millennial lifestyle to run a bit smoother:

Plan, Plan, PLAN

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Those pretty notebooks at Barnes & Noble aren’t just for looks, they’re actually pretty handy. Keeping a consistent planner can definitely assist you in your daily, weekly, and monthly routine, because you’ll never have to worry about forgetting or missing an event. Whether it’s an article due date or even a brunch date with your grandma, it’s all in your planner with the date, time, and day of the week. As soon as you get notified, write it down! This is easier said than done but once you make it a habit, you’ll surely find yourself carrying your planner around with you everywhere.

Make Lists

Sounds like a quirky habit that the nerd character would have in a Disney Channel movie, but it works wonderfully. Much like having a planner, this habit helps with organization and getting your thoughts together. Sometimes we can have so many tasks in our head at once that it feels like our brain is inundated with a mush of ideas that aren’t specific–so where does one start?  The night before a busy day, take some quiet time to jot down what needs to be done the next day so you are also able to cross off a task once you’ve completed it. Not only does this get you organized, but there’s also the satisfaction of crossing items off  your to-do list.

Have Highlights

For some reason, most people tend to wait until the weekend to have fun and go out of their routine. Weekdays have been given this unspoken label that limits activities to work, school, chores, homework, and whatever gets thrown at you throughout. In reality, there really is no rule that weekdays can’t be a bit spontaneous after your responsibilities are taken care of. Have one highlight a day that strays a bit from your set schedule. This doesn’t mean you need to find a local party to attend, it just means finding an activity that stands out even if it seems insignificant. It’s  all up to you and your schedule… Are you a regular Uber user? Take Uber pool instead of Uber X, get your nails done, take a walk, have a lunch date in between shifts or meetings, work out, window-shop, start a hobby—the possibilities are endless.

Have a circle

Have a circle, or circles! No one should ever do life alone in any area of their life because it’s not only unhealthy, but also pretty dull. Depending on your persona you’ll have multiple friend groups that you kind of rotate through, or just one tightly knit circle. Whoever you chose, make sure to remember that it’s vital to do life with others. Aside from your family, you are out in the world on your own and it’s up to you to build your lifestyle and choose who plays a role. Life can’t be a one-man show and anti-people antics such as the typical “I hate people!!” remark  should not be glamorized. Whatever you enjoy doing, find a circle to do it with.

Have Multiple Environments

Believe it or not, you are the product of your environment. Not only the people you surround yourself with, but the place you’re in have a huge influence on you and your subconscious. If possible, make sure your workplace isn’t the same place you hang out or that your house isn’t the only place you see aside from work and school. It’s refreshing to have several places that form part of your daily life as opposed to limiting your environments to your workplace and your house. Pick a local coffee shop as your leisure place to do your homework at instead of the confines of your room. Find a gym to join instead of working out at home. As long as you’re seeing multiple places, the difference will be made!

Life as a millennial can get a bit overwhelming but with the right care and drive, your ambitious streak will be satisfied but not overdone. Sometimes we find ourselves more stressed than happy because of the lifestyle that we are responsible for creating. The best part about that is it means you are also the one that has the power to change it. Manage your millennial stress in small ways to affect a big difference.

How will you switch up your millennial schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments section or use the hashtag #stepupmagazine to share your thoughts.


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