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Getting an MBA with a Marketing Analytics Specialization

Getting an MBA with a Marketing Analytics Specialization
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If an MBA isn't unique enough for you, think about specializing in Marketing Analytics -- one of the fastest growing job markets.

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Obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a huge undertaking. However, given the program’s popularity, it’s no surprise that many universities offer additional specializations to give you a competitive edge. Given that Marketing Analytics is a growing field, it may be a good choice for your MBA specialization.


MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization overview

Big data is revolutionizing the way we are able to market to businesses and consumers, and Marketing Analytics is leading in using this data availability to strengthen customer interactions. A 2014 study on overcoming marketing challenges concluded that companies are caught between competing priorities of program performance and customer experience. However, the study cites that big data is the solution to this problem because it allows marketers to enhance customer interactions, while still maintaining and delivering on marketing priorities.

Given that companies are increasing their marketing analytics budgets, this means more jobs and the need for qualified candidates to fill those vacant positions. If you are interested in entering the field of Marketing Analytics, an MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization may be the perfect formula for you to meet your goals.

The MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization program is designed to provide business intelligence with a special emphasis in analytics and technology. The program seeks to provide students with a perspective that is two-fold, so that when you enter the workplace, you have the technical ability to understand analytics, and the executive wisdom to use that data to make important business decisions. It is expected that when you complete this program, you will be on track for executive leadership.


“Should I Get A MBA?”

The National Association of Colleges and Employers predicted an average starting salary for 2019 MBA graduates of $84,580—provided those graduates found jobs in computer science, engineering, science, or business. (source)

Students considering an MBA or graduate business degree can choose from varied career paths, including those focused on financial management, data analytics, market research, healthcare management, and operations management. The analytical skills and problem-solving techniques gained from graduate level business degrees are in high demand across business sectors. (source)

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Potential careers for MBA Marketing Analytics grads

There are so many opportunities in the field of marketing analytics. If you are just getting started, you may consider the role of Pricing Analyst, or maybe you have been working toward the big promotion to Chief Marketing Officer. When considering obtaining an MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization, we encourage you to take a look at the following job descriptions to determine if this is the right career path for you. For your convenience, we researched each position and provided a link to each position on Glassdoor.

Pricing Analyst Analyze and report on company pricing strategies.

Job TitlePrimary Objectives
Pricing AnalystAnalyze and report on company pricing strategies.
Market Research AnalystConduct quantitative and qualitative market, customer, and pricing research and present strategies.
Sales Operations AnalystOperationally support sales effectiveness and efficiency.
Marketing Forecast AnalystMonitor inventory and forecast potential future sales.
Digital Marketing AnalystManage digital marketing efforts, such as SEO and PPC.
Web Analytics ManagerCommunicate outcomes of experiments, provide data analysis, and make recommendations for additional growth.
Marketing Analytics ManagerMeasure marketing and business initiatives.
Director of Marketing AnalyticsAnalyze customer, merchandise, and marketing data.
VP of Marketing AnalyticsProvide oversight to ensure all marketing efforts are in accordance with business objectives.
Chief Marketing OfficerEvolve, oversee and enhance brand and marketing strategy.

Things to consider when pursuing an MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization

When searching for a graduate degree program, you will face many challenges and difficult decisions. We are hoping that proving the following information will be helpful for you and make your search a little less daunting. We realize that many prospective students researching graduate degrees have many other priorities in life, such as demanding careers, families with sometimes young children, and community involvement. This is why we chose to organize the various elements you should consider before committing to an MBA program with a Marketing Analytics specialization.

Dream Company

Have you always wanted to work for a specific company? Maybe you have always wanted to help Zapier automate people’s lives, or perhaps you want to join Disney and make dreams come true. Whatever the case may be, you will definitely want to keep this in mind when choosing a program. Many programs advertise partnerships with specific companies, which can really come in handy when you’re ready to start sending out your application. Further, this may drive your decision on a school location, as you may want to be close to your dream company while attending school so you can build a network in the area.

Dream Industry

If you are interested in a marketing analytics career in a specific industry, it may be helpful to contact admissions to see if the program has specific emphasis in the industry of your choice.

Tuition & Scholarships

Given that you are considering a master’s program, you have already received your bachelor’s degree. If you already have lingering student loan debt, you should seriously consider your next steps, as this will have a lasting financial impact on your life. If money is an issue for you, put aside your pride and take a look at programs that offer scholarships or simply cost less. For more advice on this, check out our article on how to pay for a graduate degree.

University Standards

Is the university you are considering accredited by AACSB or other business school associations? Having the certainty that your program is measured against standards of excellence provides more assurance that you will get what you are paying for.

MBA in Marketing Analytics Admissions Requirements

Since you are considering a master’s program, admissions requirements are very important to consider. Most notably, be sure to check if there is a prerequisite requirement for coursework or a bachelor’s in business administration or marketing. You will also want to take a look at minimum GPA, standardized test score, and professional experience requirements.

Class Format & Scheduling

If you want to experience more collaboration with professors and students in a live-streamed class setting, consider a program with a synced class format. However, with the fast-paced environment we are in today and the many demands life brings you, there are a number of programs that allow students to view recorded lectures and complete coursework at your own pace.

Faculty Expertise & Curriculum

Since you are interested in an MBA with a specialization in Marketing Analytics, you will want to review and research coursework and faculty to make sure it aligns with your preferences. If you are looking for a traditional MBA foundation, you might find a program with more emphasis on business curriculum. On the other hand, if your focus rests on the Marketing Analytics side, it would be helpful to find a program with a heavier marketing coursework load and faculty who have seen the shift from traditional marketing to marketing in the digital age.

Career Services & Alumni Network

Most master’s programs will publicly disclose the career services the school provides, as well as the size and benefits of the alumni network, as these are all very important considerations for prospective master’s students. It is often difficult to look forward when you are so focused on school, but when you hit the career world, it sometimes becomes more difficult to strengthen your professional network. This is why it is always helpful if you can go back to your homebase and continue to be supported, even after you have graduated.

Graduation Outcomes Data

Although it is often difficult to obtain, it’s important to ask about graduation outcomes. Most schools are able to track information such as graduation rates, but some face difficulties in providing more relevant information, such as typical job titles, starting salary, and job placement upon graduation. Going to graduate school is an investment, and we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to make sure you are going to see a return upon graduation. If the program in which you are interested doesn’t publicly post this information on their site, it is worth it to call and speak to an admissions representative to get an idea of what this will look like, should you choose to attend.

MBA – Marketing Analytics Programs we found for you

We researched a few programs that will hopefully help you get started on your search for the right MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization program.


Final thoughts

Obtaining an MBA with a Marketing Analytics specialization is a wonderful career choice that will no doubt assist you in achieving your goals. Hopefully the information we provided will help you choose the right program by making an informed decision. For more information about marketing analytics, check out Ultra Guide: Obtaining a Master’s in Marketing Analytics or Becoming Certified in Marketing Analytics.

We hope you will continue your relationship with Noodle, who can connect you with experts who will assist in narrowing your master’s program search even further.

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