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Millennials Defying Stereotypes: Sophia

Millennials Defying Stereotypes: Sophia
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Jermaine Holmes November 9, 2017

We are featuring 22-year-old Sophia today! I loved reading her responses, and if you want more, head to her blog Thesophiadiaries. com.

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We are featuring 22-year-old Sophia today! I loved reading her responses, and if you want more, head to her blog


AM: What’s your definition of a millennial?

S: A millennial is someone who considers their smartphone an integral part of their life. Not that they can’t live without it, but that they always want it, and feel that they need it in their life.

AM: How are you defying the millennial stereotype?

S: I am defying the stereotype that millennials don’t work hard by proving that I actually do work hard. My parents called me lazy when I was young, but that’s because I was never passionate enough about any single thing to work hard for it. Now that I’m finishing up college, I have a blog, and I am in the process of writing a book(that I don’t think will ever be published). I am working hard to accomplish all of my dreams… while having fun doing it.

Since I have something to work towards, I haven’t been called lazy since my mid-teens, and that makes me proud.

AM: Why do you think your stereotype is so rampant?

S: TV shows and movies portray millennials as lazy, but that isn’t true. Even if millennials are lazy right now, it’s not by choice. Statistically, it’s been shown that there are fewer jobs for millennials who are graduating college now, especially since college education has become a norm. I think that older generations jump to conclusions when they see millennials not having a jobs, but a lot of people don’t know the full story, and they don’t understand the stress that it puts on millennials.

AM: What can other young people do to defy that misnomer?

S: If I had to offer one tip, it is to just talk it out. If you’re stuck, it’s important to talk to others, as other people can either help you or make you feel better so you get the motivation you need to consider yourself successful.

AM: What do you want the public to know about millennials?

S: Don’t hate on us for not working hard, because we are working very hard. Just because you don’t see us working hard doesn’t mean we aren’t.


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