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Noodle Partners Joins with the University of Southern California to Launch One With USC Rossier to Provide World-Class Tutoring

Noodle Partners Joins with the University of Southern California to Launch One With USC Rossier to Provide World-Class Tutoring
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Noodle Staff March 4, 2015

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Los Angeles, February 23, 2015 – Noodle Partners is launching One With USC Rossier, a new tutoring service for students in grades K-12 and lifelong learners at all levels. The program is spearheaded by University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education, one of the leading education schools in the country.

One With USC Rossier’s innovative model matches experienced and specially trained tutors initially from the USC Rossier Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program with parents and students looking for expert tutors to achieve their education goals. Eventually, tutors will be based around the world and specialize in teaching a growing number of subjects. All USC Rossier tutors can receive specialized instruction from Rossier faculty prior to joining the list of available tutors.

One With USC Rossier also boasts a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides a complete tutoring experience both online and in person. A digital marketplace matches learner needs to tutor skills and facilitates scheduling, management, and performance tracking. Integrated services such as virtual whiteboarding, document sharing, and video conferencing enable tutors and learners to interact dynamically online.

“Our purpose-built platform enables the highest standard of compelling, effective, and efficient tutoring,” said John Katzman, Noodle Partners’ founder and CEO, and founder and former CEO of The Princeton Review and 2U. “Using our technology, tutors can optimize learning for every individual, with strong support for a flipped model approach. By creating an avenue for extraordinary members of the USC community to become great tutors, we help every family find the right tutor for their child.”

“We are thrilled to connect the extended USC family through this exciting new program, and are committed to building a service that supports the educational needs of any student,” said Karen Symms Gallagher, Dean of the USC Rossier School of Education. “Rossier is at the forefront of teacher education, and the knowledge and passion of our current students, alumni, and faculty will power top-notch, individualized tutoring and learning.”

Parents and students can go to and search for high-quality, experienced tutors. USC Rossier community members who are eligible can sign up online to become tutors.

About the USC Rossier School of Education:
The mission of the USC Rossier School of Education (ross-EAR) is to improve learning in urban education locally, nationally and globally. Rossier leads the way in innovative, collaborative solutions to improve education outcomes. Our work is field-based, in the classroom, and online, and reflects a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We pride ourselves on innovation in all our programs, preparing teachers, administrators, and educational leaders who are change agents. We support the most forward-thinking scholars and researchers, whose work is having direct impact on student success in K-12 schools and higher education. We are leaders in using cutting-edge technology to scale up our quality programs for maximum impact. The Rossier School of Education is part of The University of Southern California, one of the world’s leading private research universities, located in the heart of Los Angeles. (

About Noodle Partners:
Noodle Partners brings together great technology and tech-enabled service organizations to help colleges and universities improve learning, raise revenues, and lower costs. It is a division of The Noodle Companies, LLC, which creates and acquires companies with a shared mission to make the education marketplace more transparent and efficient, and a shared potential to be valuable, meaningful and defensible. (

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