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Noodle Sponsors the Higher Education Forum

Noodle Sponsors the Higher Education Forum
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Miles Keenlyside August 15, 2014

This September, Noodle is sponsoring The Economist’s Higher Education Forum. Come see university leaders and top-level executives discuss how to bridge the gap between graduation and employment.

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Are our nation’s universities preparing graduates for a modern workforce, or are they leaving them behind in the last millennium? Universities and employers across the globe are beginning to discuss how to adapt to the 21st century.

We, at Noodle, are proud to announce our sponsorship of “The Economist”’s Higher Education Forum, which will bring together the nation’s top academic leaders and senior executives to discuss strategy for modernizing university-level pedagogy.

As unemployment becomes a growing issue for recent university graduates, schools are beginning to have frank discussions on how they can adapt to give graduates the skills and tools they need to enter the workforce as quickly as possible.

In tandem, employers in the private sector are interested in bridging the gap between graduation and employment in order to hire the best and brightest right out of college.

The Higher Education Forum will cover a range of topics including how universities can better prepare their students for a modern workforce, integrating personalized learning systems and massive open online courses (MOOCs) into curriculum, creating standards for a globalized workforce, the role of the private sector in preparing graduates for employment, and how academia and private corporations can work together to combat rising tuition costs.

Attendees of the forum will hear from top names in education and the private sector including:

  • Richard Levin, CEO of Coursera
  • Ted Mitchell, under secretary of U.S. Department of Education
  • Edith Cooper, global head of Human Capital Management for Goldman Sachs
  • John Sexton, president of New York
  • Pamela Thomas-Graham, chief marketing and talent officer of Credit Suisse
  • William Pepicello, president emeritus of University of Phoenix

If you are interested in how universities and private companies can work together to modernize college classrooms, then don’t miss the Higher Education Forum.

The forum will be held September 30th, 2014, at 10 on the Park in the Time Warner Center, New York, NY.

Members should use promotion code EMPEMNDL when registering to save $200 on the standard fee. Here’s what you should know about registration and more.