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Places to Find Leadership Roles in College

Places to Find Leadership Roles in College
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When people go off to college, it can be such a liberating experience. For the first time, you’re really starting to find yourself and what you can bring to this world.

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When people go off to college, it can be such a liberating experience. For the first time, you’re really starting to find yourself and what you can bring to this world. You get to make your own choices.

Personally, I’ve seen so many friends take this time and grow immensely. They find out who they want to be, and are no longer afraid to show it. They become leaders in their own right.  So many people have that desire to become a leader, but have no idea where to start. It can be daunting and terrifying, but is worth the price every time.

So, I wanted to make that search a little easier, and give you some ideas of places where you can begin fitting into that role as a leader.

Greek Life

Personally, I never felt the draw to join into this lifestyle at my college, but so many other people do. It isn’t hard to see why, either, because of all its opportunities and connections. I have many friends who have rushed and joined into this scene, if only to meet some new people, and ended up finding so much more in being a part of it all.

Each sorority or fraternity has philanthropy, which basically means a charity or cause they support. There are tons of positions surrounding the philanthropies, such as planning them or hosting them.

Plus, I’ve been told that Greek life has different positions within it that its members can apply for & work in.

Subject-Area Roles

Let me explain this one. “Subject-area” is just a fancy word for your major or specialization. Within that specific area, there are tons upon tons of opportunities to lead things.

You’ll find that each major has different clubs that you can join and sometimes there are even jobs specific to that same major, within your university. I can guarantee that when you start the semester, you’ll be bombarded with emails and fliers from different groups on campus within your major.

Some of them might work with charities, while others seek to educate those around them. The list literally doesn’t end. There is something for everyone.

Positions for leadership aren’t hard to find here, no matter what you’re looking for. You could be a President, or just a general member of a club whose voice matters when it comes to voting for things or volunteering your time.

The “Random” Positions

College wouldn’t be college if there wasn’t something for everyone. If hiding your voice but being outgoing is your calling, you could try out to be the school’s mascot or work on the school’s radio station.

If you don’t have time for clubs outside of working, try a school cafeteria. It’s easy to move up and become a supervisor or cook and have the opportunity to teach and lead others.

If you love sports, join a team and help lead your group to victory. Maybe you’ll even become a captain.

College is built for leadership opportunities, literally. Nowhere else will you find so many unique options, so take advantage of it while you have it. Do something out of your comfort zone, but make sure you love what you’re doing.


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