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Questions To Ask During Your College Search

Questions To Ask During Your College Search
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Jaimy Jean-Noel March 2, 2020

Narrow down the major things that you need to know from all your colleges of choice.

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Searching for the right college can get overwhelming. Most of the time we know what we're looking for, but fail to know how to put that into words. Narrowing down your must haves along with what each college is looking for is the key to getting the information you need. Consider these questions for your undergraduate or graduate school search and tailor them to what you're specifically looking for.

1.) What specifics are you looking for in my personal essay? What format should it be in?

2.) Do you require my official transcript to be sent directly from my previous school or can I send it?

3.) Do you require the GMAT or GRE? Is there a preference?

4.) Is the program full-time or part-time? Are there online options and am I able to flex my classes?

5.) What is the average time it takes for students to complete the program?

6.) Am I able to enter the program in the fall or spring? Application deadlines?

7.) Do you require a critical writing submission aside from the personal statement?

8.) Average class size?

9.) Average age of students?

10.) What are retention and graduation rates?

11.) What specifics are you looking for in my letters of recommendation? What format should they be in?

12.) Do I have to have a certain number or years of experience at the time of my application?

13.) How much would the entire program cost? Do you offer scholarships or grants?

14.) Do I need to have a background related to the program. Are there required pre-requisites?

15.) How is campus life?

Even if you're unsure of what program to go into, focus on what you need as a person in order to make your learning experience the best possible. Getting a feel of what you like and don't like can be the basis of your search. Pairing that with the specificity of these initial questions can help further curb your decision. Always remember to not put too much pressure into making a decision or else you may end up making the wrong one. Instead, have fun with the process!

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