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Self Care & Its Importance To Social Work

Self Care & Its Importance To Social Work
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Clark Bray October 19, 2020

To help others you must help yourself first

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I need to take care of myself to be of service to other people. My career focus is social work, which is professional help to others. So, self care is something I try to be professional at as well.

In my roles performing non Master's certified counseling— working at a hotline, counseling teenage boys in state custody, and counseling epilepsy patients— self care is the only reason I have felt successful. I workout most days for my body. I read or write every day for my mind. I meditate, pray, or do you yoga every day for my spirit.

While certainly I can fall behind on these practices at different times, say when moving, traveling, or changing a job, I do the very best I can.

What do you do for self care? Does it help you with your profession? While I am applying what I do to social work, I have no doubt that self care is helpful for almost any profession on the planet.

I remind myself self care doesn't have to be living the idealistic day that chic Instagram model posts about. Self care can be as simple as calling a friend. Going for a walk. Stopping for ten seconds to watch yourself inhale and exhale.

Feel free to comment your thoughts about self care on this post. I would love to hear!

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