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Spice Up Your Summer: Candles Edition

Spice Up Your Summer: Candles Edition
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Briyahna Rice July 25, 2019

With the Summer season finally here, there are a whole bunch of scents that you may be accustomed to and already love. From cotton candy and freshly cut watermelon, coconut lime and candie

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With the Summer season finally here, there are a whole bunch of scents that you may be accustomed to and already love. From cotton candy and freshly cut watermelon, coconut lime and candied apples, you can now get these same scents in

candle form

and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

To start, you can enjoy the scent of

Yummy Gummy Bears

in the form of Scented Candles and Wax Melts, Candy Scent Candle, Wax Tarts, and Fun Fruity Scent. Courtesy of CountryRichCreations, this yummy smelling treat can be found in a variety of scents ranging from Tangy Lemon, Juicy Orange, Peach Middle Notes, Grape, Raspberry, Coconut, Pear, Plum, and even Vanilla. The jars themselves come in various sizes and burn based on the ones you choose. The 26 ounce jar can burn from 180-200 hours, the 12 ounce jar can burn from 85-90 hours, the 4 ounce jar can burn for 30 hours, while the smaller 3.5 ounce clam jar can burn for a mere 3 hours. Any of these jars can be all yours for the low price of $4.00 and can be found on

Another CountryRichCreation candle that you can try out is the

Mango Sorbet Candle

that comes in the form of mason jar candles, Wax Tarts, Highly scented candles, and Wax Melts. With candle sizes ranging from the 26 ounce to the 3.5 clam shell ounce, the Mango Sorbet Candle will make your home smell all the more uplifting with its unique blend of ripe mango, juicy lemons, and even red raspberries, to give you the best of both hot and col scent throws you can enjoy all summer long.

Everyone loves a good

Root Beer

, and with this one of a kind candle from CountryRichCreation, you can have that same nostalgic and tasty scent in your home to enjoy anytime you please. With the scent of sassafras bark and creamy vanilla mixed with hints of lemon, grape, and berry, you can enjoy a delicious rootbeer anytime of day in the comfort of your home in any candle size from 26 ounces to 3.5 clam shell ounces in the form of either wax tarts, highly scented candles, wax melts, or Scented Candles.

The only thing that might be better than a tall glass of ice cold

Grape Soda

, is grape soda in the form of a scented candle. Courtesy of CountryRichCreation, you’ll be wrapped in the scent of grapes mingled with a hint of peach, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, and just a slight hint of vanilla to top it off. With three different sizes to choose from, and a dozen different forms from wax melts, Highly Scented Candles, to wax tarts and Fun Candle, there’s no way you can go wrong with a tall glass candle of grape soda.

For any and all

Candy Apple

lovers out there, this scented candle is just what you need to sweeten up your home. With four different candle sizes to choose from in an assortment of waxes to melt them in, you can submerge your home in the fragrance of Macintosh apples, round notes of sweet plums, ripe strawberries, a splash of lime, and orange zests.

With all of these amazing candle scents, created by such a well-known and established brand, you can have all of the sweet and tangy scents of your favorite summer foods without any of the messes that come with them; essentially the best of both worlds. All you have to do is place an order, light a match, and watch it burn.


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