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Staycation! Going on Vacation in Your Own Neighborhood

Staycation! Going on Vacation in Your Own Neighborhood
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 Going on vacation doesn’t always mean you have to book a flight to a fancy destination. It also doesn’t mean you have to drive far either.

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Going on vacation doesn’t always mean you have to book a flight to a fancy destination. It also doesn’t mean you have to drive far either. In fact, going on vacation can also mean being in your own neighborhood – a staycation! A staycation in your own neighborhood is still a vacation and a perfect time to relax and get to know your surroundings.

Going on vacation in your neighborhood can essentially be a scavenger hunt of your own! Many people get surprised when they discover a restaurant or hidden gem that’s been in their neighborhood or city for years. Everyone is so used to traveling outside of their city and visiting other places that they don’t realize there are restaurants, bars, and activities to do that they still haven’t visited or done in their own city! Take a walk in your neighborhood or drive around your city and take advantage of new opportunities in your area. You can google to save time on what to do and then visit whichever location shows up in your google search. Doing this will help you to discover a new store, restaurant, local coffee shop, or even a new hang out area.

Sometimes, when you are used to going out and traveling, you miss out on the local events happening in your neighborhood. There may be local fairs or even a baseball game happening nearby Try attending a local game and supporting your city’s baseball players. Go on your city’s website to see all the news and updates going on. Is there a block party happening a few blocks from where you live? Try attending and meet new people who live by you. Did a new coffee shop open up near you? Visit it and support their shop. Is there a park in your area that you’ve never been to? Try planning a picnic date with a friend there so that you both get to experience it together! Or try bike-riding. You may find a new path and change of scenery that you’ll enjoy. There is always something new to discover in your neighborhood.

One of the next best things about going on vacation in your own neighborhood is saving money! You save money from not booking lights, hotels, renting cars etc. You may have to pay for parking depending on your area but in general, you would be spending less. And because you’re familiar with your city, then you are aware of what days offer free parking and so forth so that’s something that will help you save time from researching and figuring out.

Another reason why you should vacation in your neighborhood is because there’s so much history to learn about the area you’re living in. Sometimes, you can find information about your city/area online, you can try going to city hall or you can go to the most popular places and ask anyone that works there for more information. Learning about the history of your city can be fun and when you do decide to travel far, a nice fact about your city can be a great ice breaker!

So the next time you’re thinking about going on vacation but you’re not sure if you have the budget, try considering staying home and getting to know your neighborhood. You’ll learn something new about your city and you might discover a new shop that’ll end up becoming your new favorite go-to place!


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