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Step-by-Step Article Templates to Beat Writer’s Block

Step-by-Step Article Templates to Beat Writer’s Block
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Merin Curotto July 10, 2019

Want to write articles for Noodle, but unsure where to start? Try our list of step-by-step, easy-to-follow article templates for writing about education and careers.

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What’s a skill most people use every day, but will pretty much always need to practice? Writing. That’s right. The nine emails, dozen tweets, and 70,310 text messages you type per hour unfortunately do little to prepare you for writing articles.

In less upsetting news, even though writing articles requires more effort than lining up your best emojis, learning how to write articles is a lot easier when you have our templates as your guide.

To be clear, this isn’t a selfless endeavor; we’re dishing out what you need to learn/know/do because we want you to write for Noodle. And no rush—because this isn’t the LSAT—but start soon.

Use our templates like Google Maps.

What follow are the most effective, efficient route(s) to writing good articles. How to actually get there is 100% your call. The templates below contain step-by-step instructions on how to write the most common types of articles about education and careers.

In each guide, we cover:

  • Defining your audience
  • Determining the questions your readers are asking
  • Structuring your article so it’s not only coherent but easy to read
  • How to source (and share) thorough and meaningful research
  • How to craft consistently strong headlines, introductions, and conclusions
  • Simple formatting tricks that make a world of difference
  • All of the things images should never be

Also: If there’s an article template you’d like to see, email and we’ll get on it.

How to Become a [Job Type]

Sample articles:

Why Get a [Degree Type]?

Sample articles:


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