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Summer Skincare Favorites

Summer Skincare Favorites
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 Summer can be a challenging time to take proper care of your skin. Between sunny days at the pool and hot weather, hydration can take a back seat.

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Summer can be a challenging time to take proper care of your skin. Between sunny days at the pool and hot weather, hydration can take a back seat. Luckily for you, there are some products that can make your summer skincare regime more manageable.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

It is incredibly important to make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine. SPF most importantly can reduce your risk of skin cancer , and it also helps keep away pesky fine lines and wrinkles. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends daily use of a water-resistant SPF 30 or higher. If you are prone to acne breakouts, look for a special face sunscreen that is formulated to protect your skin from breakouts.

Calming Face Mask

If your face is feeling a little sensitive after a day in the sun, treat it to a calming face mask. Look for masks containing chamomile or rose oil . These ingredients will help soothe and calm your skin, restoring its natural dewy appearance.

Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Repeat

Your twice daily skincare regime is as important as ever during the summer months. Begin with a cleanser to clean the skin and purify your pores. Next comes a toner. Look for a toner that contains rose, as rose is an emollient which means that it is a natural moisturizer. This extra moisture will help fight against dry skin and your youthful glow will thank you for it. Lastly, moisturize. Many daily moisturizers contain SPF which is great! But remember to apply a stronger SPF for longer days in the sun.


As your skin is prone to dry out in the summer it is important to exfoliate once a week to buff away dead skin cells. Choose an exfoliator that is specifically formulated for your skin type. Never use an apricot scrub , as the husk actually cuts your face. The cuts are not visible to the eye, but they can damage your pores.

Moisturizing Body Wash

Your face does not have to steal the show. It’s not just your face that runs the risk of dehydrating. Treat your body with a moisturizing body wash. This extra boost of moisture is essential to your skin and will keep you looking healthy and vibrant.

Drink water!

You can be extremely diligent with your skincare regime, but it won’t mean a thing if you are dehydrating your skin from the inside out. Healthline recommends drinking about 2 liters of water per day . This may seem like a lot but staying hydrated is a cost-effective way to keep your skin healthy. The skin is the body’s largest organ and it is dependant upon water to function properly. Dehydrated skin will become dry and more susceptible to wrinkles . Keep your skin youthful and hydrated by applying a moisturizer within two minutes of showering, and drink lots of water!

Treat your skin well this summer. Lather up the SPF, drink lots of water, and don’t neglect your daily regimen. The sun can’t stop your glow!