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The 6 Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations

The 6 Most Popular Study Abroad Destinations
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Noodle Staff September 25, 2012

Take a peek at the most popular choices when it comes to studying abroad.

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The number of U.S. college students who study abroad has doubled in the past decade. Where are they going? It's a big world out there, but these 6 countries are the most popular with American students studying abroad.

1. The United Kingdom

Who wouldn't want to study abroad without having to worry about a foreign language? I suspect the English language isn't the only reason American students are drawn to the U.K, however. A plethora of schools in London make studying there relatively easy for American students.

Then there's the beauty and history of Edinburgh, Scotland and the pubs of Ireland to attract Anglophiles from stateside. Students from the U.K. study abroad in droves, proving that there's some reciprocality in their popularity as well!

2. Italy

Rome, Venice, Florence - just the names are enough to make anyone in their right mind get a case of wanderlust. It's no surprise that American students love studying there. Italy is especially popular for students majoring in Art History, Fashion and the Italian language.

The food isn't too shabby either. Friends who studied abroad in Italy report that Italian is much easier to master than its sister languages, Spanish and French. Thinking of studying abroad there? Be careful crossing the streets and learn how to ride a Vespa...

3. Spain

Not only is Spain slightly less expensive than some of its European neighbors, it's full of some of the best nightlife on the continent. It's also popular because many students study Spanish in school.

Although I suspect it might just be because of Barcelona's thriving nightlife, beaches and mediterranean culture. Granada, in the south of Spain, is also a great launchpad for exploring Africa and experiencing Moorish culture and architecture.

4. France

One word: Paris. If there's ever been a city that captured the imagination, it's Paris. Not surprisingly, students just can't stay away. The incredible Universite de Paris offers American students a remarkable array of study options, including the classic ex-pat educational institution, the Sorbonne.

As a city, Paris is teeming with students from all over the world and it treats them very well; offering deep discounts on museums, cinemas, and monuments. I highly recommend the International Student I.D. card so you can take advantage of them. France is a great destination for students studying literature, art history, fashion or history. Then there's the food, wine, culture, and architecture, if you weren't already sold.

5. China

If you want to play a role in the new global economy, China is the place to be. It's popularity with American students just keeps growing. With good reason, knowing Chinese is a sure-fire way to improve any resume and China is especially popular with business students.

From the history of the Great Wall and Terracotta Soldiers to the bustling cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, China has a lot to offer students.

6. Australia

Because Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, its academic calendar is the opposite of ours; but this hasn't stopped American students from taking advantage of its world-class universities.

Australia is also one of the few places where students in nearly every major can take demanding academic courses, from the hard sciences to business to visual art. Most students study in Sydney or Melbourne. For the adventurous, there's also snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef and exploring the Outback.

Where do you want to go?

We know that studying abroad is not a one-size-fits all affair. With thousands of programs offered through universities and providers, it takes a ton of research to find the one that really fits. At Noodle, we'll do the research for you so you can find programs that fit your language proficiency, academic interests, budget, and geographic preference.

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