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The Benefits of Proctored Practice Tests

The Benefits of Proctored Practice Tests
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Brendan Mernin July 24, 2015

Proctored practice tests help students get used to the environment that they'll face on the big day.

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Free Proctored Practice Tests from Noodle Education

  • Our experienced Exam Proctors create an authentic test-taking experience so students can become more comfortable with testing conditions.

  • Taking practice tests helps students gain better understanding of the test structure and content.

  • Assessment of the practice tests helps tutors gauge their students' progress and needs.

  • Noodle offers practice tests for the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, LSAT, SHSAT, ISEE, and SSAT.

  • All practice tests are free!

Why take a free proctored practice test?

There are many factors that go into a successful test prep tutoring plan: a regular lesson schedule, homework drills, strong communication, and more. One of the most crucial factors is the completion of several high-quality, well-run, proctored practice tests. These practice tests are important because they provide students a chance to use their newly acquired skills in an environment that closely approximates what they'll encounter during the real test. In addition, there's no better way to overcome test jitters than to try your hand at a test in someplace other than your own bedroom or dining room, while surrounded by kids you don't know and being timed by an adult other than your mom.

I never send my students to take a real test unless I've seen the results of at least a few proctored tests outside the home. Otherwise, I really have no idea if my kids can execute what they've learned. One of the reasons I love working for Noodle here in New York is that we offer professional quality proctored practice tests run by experienced proctors at our clean and modern Manhattan offices.

As a tutor, it's so nice to know that your students can take tests nearly every weekend with a proctor who will show up on time, and who knows how to run the tests like the real thing. Moreover, for students who qualify for extra time, the accommodations are carried out precisely as specified by the testing agencies. Noodle doesn't cut corners on the quality of practice tests, so students and tutors can concentrate on learning.

Students don't need to sign up for proctored tests 52 weekends a year, but it is important to do several before going in for a real test. Your Noodle Tutor will guide you in deciding the best schedule for you, or for your son or daughter.

Proctored tests reduce anxiety, give students a chance to perfect techniques they've learned, provide useful feedback to students, tutors, and parents, and can even be a way to make new friends from other schools!

So when you work with your Noodle Tutor to craft the custom plan that's best for you and your family, don't skimp on the proctored tests. Soccer and squash tournaments, Model U.N., and school play rehearsals are important, too, so plan ahead. Good luck, and have fun.

Noodle is offering proctored practice SAT, ACT and SAT Subject tests at our Chelsea office every weekend year round. Contact us at least 2 days prior to your desired practice test date to reserve a space. A day or two before your practice test, we will send you a reminder and provide directions to the testing location and other important information to help you prepare.

Contact a Noodle Tutor and get started with proctored practice tests!