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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction
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Ask yourself if you are feeling open. Again, ask yourself if you are feeling open to ideas that might be out of the norm, but could potentially enrich your life.

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Ask yourself if you are feeling open. Again, ask yourself if you are feeling open to ideas that might be out of the norm, but could potentially enrich your life. If the answer is yes, then you may be ready to start acting on the Law of Attraction.

The fact of the matter is that the thoughts in your head directly correlate with what takes place in your life. For example, if you believe you are going to do great on a test because you’re prepared and have studied, you will succeed. However, if you truly believe a test is too hard, or that you’re not smart enough, even if you studied for hours, you are more likely to not perform your best. In short, if you think negative thoughts, that will project negativity into your life, and positive thoughts will bring positivity.

With our society today, it’s very easy to be negative and compare your financial status, physical well-being, or your emotional state to others. Although this is not beneficial for your state of mind, your thoughts directly determine your actions and the way you perceive reality. Even in negative situations, try your best to find the positive aspects. If you wholeheartedly believe in something, positive or negative, it will come true in one form or another.

When you truly want something in life, view it in a positive light, as if it’s already in your possession or right within your reach. When you truly believe you have the capability to reach a goal, you must be able to take action so that your positive thoughts will lead you to your future successes. Furthermore, do not allow yourself to feel incapable or less than others; feel content and grateful for what you have both emotionally and physically in the moment. If you feel abundant in the moment, additional abundance will naturally gravitate towards you.

It sounds absolutely absurd, as though it’s too good to be true. Just be grateful and think positive thoughts? Then I can succeed? Yes! It’s similar to the placebo effect. Some patients may not be given the actual medication, but the fact that they believe they will be cured is enough to truly rid them of their disease. The opposite of this would be the hypochondriac who is self-detrimental by attracting sickness through negative thoughts and unnecessary worry and anxiety. The hypochondriac’s negative outcome clearly demonstrates this beautiful notion that your life and mind are a mere reflection of one another. The thoughts that fill your mind will be directly reflected in the quality of your life.

If you believe you are in a never-ending spiral of problems, you will continue to live that truth. On the other hand, when you begin to reprogram the negative pattern of your thoughts into a positive pattern, beneficial change will start appearing in your life. People use the law of attraction to cure diseases, to find better friendships and romantic relationships, and to find new jobs and opportunities. Every individual deserves to experience the positive feelings of contentment and satisfaction within their lives. Bring the Law of Attraction into your thoughts for a more enriching life.


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