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Thinking about Law School?

Thinking about Law School?
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Jillian Youngblood April 16, 2014

Thinking about Law School? Noodle Launches Innovative New Law School Search

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Noodle Launches Innovative New Law School Search

Noodle is excited to announce the launch an innovative, easy-to-use new tool to help prospective students find the right law schools. Our unique algorithm provides superior guidance by considering the factors that are most important to both applicants and law schools in the admissions process.

Check out our handy infographic on the job market for new law school graduates.

Two factors primarily drive the decision on where to attend law school. Noodle takes those factors into account and sorts relevant schools to the top. First, a student’s academic record largely determines where a student can gain admission. A student can enter her undergraduate GPA and LSAT score to get a list of schools in reach and easily see where she falls in the range for each school.

Second, geography is a significant consideration for prospective law students. Law schools often have strong alumni networks and recruiting relationships with firms in particular states. The Noodle law school search algorithm provides top-notch recommendations by incorporating the state(s) where an applicant is interested in attending law school or practicing law.

Noodle considers a student’s main criteria and delivers personalized search results to help them find the right fit, using data from the American Bar Association and The Princeton Review. Other existing search tools require students to consider these factors individually.

As the landscape of the legal profession changes, students are considering the many directions they can go with a law degree. You may want to practice law at a big firm, or you may want to work in a policy think tank or a government organization. Your goals should drive your search for the right law school.

“Anyone serious about applying to law school knows how crucial it is to make a smart long-term decision about where to go. Noodle takes the information that factors most prominently in an applicant’s decision and generates results that best fit your criteria," said Don Macaulay, President of Law Preview. “None of the other law school search tools does this."

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