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Victoria’s Favorites

Victoria’s Favorites
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Victoria Giardina January 31, 2019

Welcome to Victoria’s Favorites! In this new lifestyle column, you will find the latest grabs from the best brands, as well as the top favorites from music, entertainment, and more! My name

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Welcome to Victoria’s Favorites! In this new lifestyle column, you will find the latest grabs from the best brands, as well as the top favorites from music, entertainment, and more!

My name is Victoria Giardina, and I am a freshman at The College of New Jersey studying Journalism and Professional Writing, with a minor in Communication Studies. I am also performing independent research at Columbia University pertaining to Investigative Journalism and Global Media. With my love for writing, up-to-date research in the best products and lifestyle must-haves, and adoration for beauty and products that scream “girly girl," this column was created.

To be featured in the next column, send your questions to @ victoriagiardina on Instagram!

Favorite #1: Morphe 25A Copper Spice Eyeshadow Palette

During the warm winter weeks, the cool eyeshadow palettes are placed in the makeup drawer. This Morphe palette is the perfect staple to your collection and has a variety of highly-pigmented matte and sparkly colors. I have been looking to this palette for both simple, everyday wear, special occasions, and nights on the town. The twenty-five shaded palette is lightweight and is easy to travel with (especially if you are a college student like I am, this is perfect to transport from home to the dorm room!). What I love about this palette - in contrast to my other eyeshadow palettes - is that while there are a ton of burgundy and brown shades, there are also a few peachy ones, and even an array of glitter colors for a fun all-over lid look.

After I apply my eyeshadow with the Morphe M433 Brush, I complete the look with another January favorite, my Tarte Tartiest PRO Cruelty-Free Lashes that I purchased from Sephora. I have had these lashes for quite some time, and they have never disappointed me; from three proms, graduation pictures, to evenings out, they have maintained their durability and style. The lashes allow you to wear them as-is for an every day lash boost or to apply several coats of mascara on top of them to glam up your look. The Morphe palette surely perfects a plethora of makeup styles! Buy the palette here .

Favorite #2: The Skinny Confidential - His and Hers Podcast

As a bookworm and someone who cannot live without driving with my favorite Spotify playlist on, I have always wanted to find a great podcast to listen to whilst getting ready, cleaning, or running errands. After a recommendation from Brooke Miccio (a great college lifestyle vlogger, check her out !), I decided to give the first few episodes a listen and boy, have I made the right decision! Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is a nationally acclaimed blogger, creator of the Skinny Confidential, and she began recording this modern and hilarious podcast with her husband, Michael. Both entrepreneurs and free-spirits, they share their juiciest stories together along with a current twist on beauty, business, and wellness. They are two embodiments of the catchphrase, “live your best life," and you absolutely need to go listen here . The podcast is also available on Spotify.

Favorite #3: Knetbooks Textbook Rental Site

As a college student, textbooks are not cheap. For a book I am only going to use for a couple weeks during the semester, I want to shop the required textbooks on my list the least expensive way possible - and that is all accessible because of Knetbooks ! I have researched numerous textbook outlets and Knetbooks was by far the most affordable and easiest source. Especially if you are in the market for science and business textbooks, which are the pricier books compared to others. Knetbooks is guaranteed to give you the lowest possible price. I received one of my textbook rentals last semester for over $100 less than the average price - amazing! The return is fast and simple because Knetbooks provides you with the return label for free shipping back to the corporate site. Knetbooks has definitely saved me a lot of bucks, so check it out for your spring and future semesters.

Favorite #4: Cerave Cleanser and Moisturizer

Throughout the first month of 2019, I made a commitment to focus more attention on self-care, especially which products I decided to apply to my skin. I made an appointment with a dermatologist a few years ago for a general check-up (mostly because I wanted to hear from a professional what products are the best to maintain a long and healthy glow), and my dermatologist told me to use Cerave. It is not a coincidence that their slogan is “Skincare Developed with Dermatologists," because for an over-the-counter brand, they are phenomenal! I first purchased the Cerave Facial Cleanser because I wanted a product that would not only exfoliate possible dead skin cells, but would also smooth out my skin. I apply the cleanser to clean, makeup-free skin each morning after I wake up and every night before I go to sleep with my Foreo Luna 2 for Combination Skin (sold at Sephora) to maintain a healthy skin care regimen.

After I take my shower, I apply the Cerave Moisturizing Cream all over my face for added shine; applying moisturizer right out of the shower is ideal because the steam from your shower opens up your pores. Curated with the finest ingredient possible - only creamed moisture - the moisturizer paired with the cleanser has allowed my skin to be in the best condition it has ever been. As much as I love the aforementioned Morphe eyeshadow palette, focusing on skincare has enabled me to wear less makeup and to truly have wonderful, healthy skin.

Favorite #5: Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener" Album

Looking for some sweet music? Regardless of the sugar-and-spice associated title, the fifteen-track album has been #1 on Billboard for months and has attracted over 50 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The pop star princess has formulated the girliest yet strikingly-confident album, even more daring than her previous “Dangerous Woman" release. Featuring “God is a woman" and “no tears left to cry," Grande’s trendy beats matched with her high-powered vocals manifested all fifteen titles on the album to be actual bops. She even incorporated a song titled “pete davidson," after the breakup with her ex-fiance was mainstreaming on every celebrity headline. The most heartwarming song has to be “get well soon," created in honor and remembrance to the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing on May 22, 2017. Having a recording time of five minutes and twenty-two seconds (5:22, in honor of 5/22/17), Grande saved the best for last, placing “get well soon" as the fifteenth track. Also enticing is this music sensations’ unapologetic promotion of mental health awareness with her fan-favorite “breathin’." The song encourages teenagers - especially young teenage girls - to keep breathing and persisting in their personal struggles, as it will all “get well soon." The “Sweetener" album is clearly a must-listen!


Emma asked, “What is your go-to drink at Starbucks?"

As a Starbucks fanatic (I know, so #basic) and coffee-lover, I am down to try new drinks every time I hit the Starbucks line. However, my favorite drink is an iced toffee nut latte which is INCREDIBLE.It’s not too sweet like an iced vanilla latte would be, yet it’s not too dark-tasting like a hazelnut coffee. It is definitely a happy medium and my favorite drink!


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