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What To Read and Watch This Month

What To Read and Watch This Month
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If you live in a colder climate, February is all about getting through the winter. Snowfall is at its peak, with most days spent trying to stay warm.

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If you live in a colder climate, February is all about getting through the winter. Snowfall is at its peak, with most days spent trying to stay warm. With the holidays behind and March ahead, here is some entertainment to read and watch that will get you through the coldest days of the year.


This controversial Netflix series takes the common theme of love and relationships and brings it to a whole new level. This show is categorized as a thriller, and shows the main character doing whatever it takes to get the girl. “You” uses social media in a way that will make you not only want to change all of your privacy settings, but will also shed a new light on the topics of obsession and infatuation. This show pairs best with a snow day that you can spend binge watching.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

With Marie Kondo’s new Netflix reality series taking off, this month would be a good time to read about her theories on organization and cleaning. Her number one rule is not to keep any items that don’t “spark joy” when you hold them. This gives some much needed inspiration during the winter months, and gets you ready to start tidying your home as soon as you close the book. She gives guidelines for determining what items you should keep, and how to let go of the ones that you shouldn’t. This is advice many might find useful, whether you need to cut down on your wardrobe, or have a hard time letting go of things. Marie Kondo guarantees that if you use this method, you will only have to re-organize your home once. So get to organizing, and be clean by spring!

Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit

This lighthearted documentary chronicles something everyone loves: cats. It follows around several different cats and their trainers as they model in cat shows in Canada. This is great for a day when you need something fun to watch. You get to see great cats, as well as the passion that some people hold for their animals. The documentary opens with a cat photoshoot that introduces the feline stars of the film, letting you know that it’s going to be a fun watch the entire way through. Seeing the bonds that people form with their animals is something that many can relate to, and almost never fails to bring a smile. This film is a great way to bring some light into winter’s dark months.

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Although this book came out years ago, it continues to motivate. In the book, Jen Sincero writes about how to get what you want out of life, and how to do it now. Even if self-help books aren’t your thing, this one takes a fresh approach to the genre. Filled with short stories that the author tells, this book provides advice that sometimes you just need to hear. Life gets the best of all of us at times, but this book helps get you come out with a new outlook on who you are. This book is best for when you are ready to do some self-reflection and make some changes for the coming months.

Stay entertained with all of this content during those weekends where you can’t do anything but curl up in front of the TV, or with a book. Whether you want to improve certain areas of your life, or just be entertained, these suggestions provide ideas on how to spend the rest of this winter.


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