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Why Young People Should Travel

Why Young People Should Travel
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Rishi Patel April 16, 2019

When young people (16-25) imagine traveling, it probably carries a different meaning. It could mean a hobby, adventure, hanging out with friends, etc.

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When young people (16-25) imagine traveling, it probably carries a different meaning. It could mean a hobby, adventure, hanging out with friends, etc. Traveling could also harbor a special meaning for each young person, such as being four states away from hitting the milestone of visiting all 50 states or one country away from visiting an entire region of a continent. In the case of someone still in school, cost may be a huge obstacle, and it’s completely comprehensible coming from a guy mooching off his parents’ Netflix account. In regards to life experiences though, traveling is an eye-opening journey that allows reflection time, is exciting, and provides a chance to get out of your comfort zone. Let’s pretend money is not an issue, and here are some reasons why every young person should travel:

No stress

Traveling means no worries, plain and simple. The deadlines, job applications, homework, job schedule, projects, and other tasks are blurred into the background. Many young people could use all the relaxation they can get, and caffeine sources are not needed to stay awake on any morning of a vacation. Travel allows focus to be shifted to another dimension, one where youngsters can truly enjoy themselves. Whether it’s peacefully staring from the top of an outlook into majestic mountains, or watching the ocean waves flow quietly, there are no worries in that moment. The human mind and all its complexities, is free of any problems.

Be one with nature

Going off low stress levels, traveling grants young explorers access to unlimited boundaries of natural adventure. Whether partaking in activities such as hiking, boating in the ocean, or a train ride up the mountains, you are connecting with nature and breathing in its fresh scent. In nature, procrastination is invisible, and observing the landscape is an example of how calm your life can be.

Expand your horizon

Traveling can certainly push boundaries, but in return provides an exceptional thrill. Whether it is breaking a fear of heights or finally overcoming a grueling hike, traveling can expand your horizon. Going out of your comfort zone when traveling is a way to get the full experience, and finding yourself at the top of a tower or hanging some thousand feet above sea level in a tram is a reminder that battling a fear of heights means a level of joy that comes along with conquering your personal challenges. However, averting these experiences would eliminate any chance of viewing spectacular vistas or trying to overcome any fears.

Achieve goals

Travel goals can vary differently, such as a dream of visiting all 50 states in America, visiting all seven wonders of the world, or all countries in any one continent. Think about your long-lasting travel dreams or places you desire to visit and the possible elation that would come along with visiting that new frontier. Be ambitious in your goals, and work hard to make them come true in real life. For example, if it was exploring the food scene in Spain, driving through Alaska, relaxing in all the resorts in Mexico, taking a Jeep through African safaris, or navigating the rugged Outback, there are endless possibilities. No matter how simplistic or multi-dimensional the goals, keep in mind the feeling of gratitude and bragging rights of being called a seasoned traveler.

See life in a new perspective

This is more appropriate when traveling to various countries across the world, as young people realize how their life may be drastically different from the working citizens and students there. Young people may come to realize how the lifestyles and values are different, and may see life in perspective. It is possible you could even come back home from an international destination as a wisdom guru after observing the meaning of life from somebody else’s perspective.

Traveling is not only a way to get out of the house, it’s a unique life experience. It is a way for young people to create memories to look back upon many years in the future. Traveling makes people stop, think, and just take in Earth as is, without any issues fast-paced society inflicts into the world. You are rewarded with thrills, lessons, and tranquility, which makes traveling a worthwhile investment.


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