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Women Helping Women: Coaching for the Female Entrepreneur

Women Helping Women: Coaching for the Female Entrepreneur
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Salma El-Shurafa August 7, 2019

The world of business is now more accepting and supportive of female entrepreneurs, thanks in great part to advancements in gender equality.   However, whether you are still in the planning

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The world of business is now more accepting and supportive of female entrepreneurs, thanks in great part to advancements in gender equality.

However, whether you are still in the planning stages of establishing a business or have been already running one for several years now, you will still welcome any help that will come your way. After all, if you want your venture to grow, you need to grab any opportunity that will enable you to run your company more efficiently, and to be a better leader.

Working with a business coach can help you as you navigate the waters of starting and running a company. According to a female

executive coach in Dubai

, you will experience these wonderful benefits:

Unlock your potential to start or grow your business

An executive coach will help you find the drive to start your business if you have always wanted to start your own company but don’t really know where and how to begin. In case you already have an established business, the right coach can also guide you in creating sustainable changes and impactful developments in your company.

With a customized coaching program, you and your coach can identify what your weak and strong points are. You will then know which of your traits and circumstances may be holding you back from starting a business or running a successful one.

With a seasoned business coach, you can expect a high degree of accountability, support, and encouragement throughout a mentorship program.

Find the right balance between work and business

A lot of women make the decision to start their own business because they want the flexibility to have more time for their family.  Since entrepreneurs can make their own daily schedules, you can get this type of freedom once you become a company owner.

However, your business can also take a toll on all aspects of your life, even if you are still in the development phase. There is a high chance this may continue in the short and long run.

When you undergo coaching that addresses both life and business, you can balance the two and find success in both areas. You will learn about new strategies that will enable you to devote the right amount of time to your work and family without having to sacrifice anything or anyone.

Develop sought-after skills

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have the right skill set. You also have to continuously polish and upgrade the skills you already have, and learn new ones as well.

Executive coaches can arm you with and develop the skills you need to run your business successfully through

professional development workshops

. Some of the important traits they will help you learn and hone are:

  • Leadership skills

  • Communication skills

  • Time management

  • Networking and professional relationship-building skills

  • Choosing the right strategies in dealing with business politics

  • Stress management

  • Personal branding and strengthening your executive presence

Have a partner in achieving your business goals

Lastly, whether you are a newbie or already an established female entrepreneur who wants to get clarity of focus or to get “unstuck” in one or two areas of your business, an executive coach will be able to help you out.

Your coach will work with you on one or two areas of your business to develop a clear plan of action so that you can achieve your goals.

Below are some of the specific goals your business coach can help you achieve:

  • Getting sponsors or investors for your company.

  • Finding and developing profitable collaborations.

  • Identifying hidden profit opportunities within your business.

  • Building a reputable and profitable brand.

Experiencing all these benefits will depend greatly on the coach you choose to work with.

To make sure you select the best business coach, look into her background and experience. Read or ask about her coaching style as well. Narrow down your list of possible coaches by choosing ones that have a coaching style you are comfortable with and matches your needs.

Next, assess your chemistry with your potential coach. Talk to her in person or via an online video conference. You need to have a strong personal connection with your coach, and you can easily gauge this by speaking with your prospect. Don’t be embarrassed to set up two or three appointments with your chosen coach until you are sure you have selected the one you are most comfortable with.

Once you are ready to make a decision, listen to your heart, too. To get the most out of a coaching program, you have to be comfortable with and be able to trust your coach.


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