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January 24, 2020

Whether you drink coffee purely for the taste or for the lovely little jolt it gives you to get through they day, it becomes a part of you. Coffee is extremely versatile and in today's age

Whether you drink coffee purely for the taste or for the lovely little jolt it gives you to get through they day, it becomes a part of you. Coffee is extremely versatile and in today's age it is available on almost every corner. Nevertheless, for some coffee connoisseurs one cup a day just simply is not enough, so here are some hacks to help you get your java fix.

  1. Add it to your chocolate: Coffee is known to enhance the rich flavors of chocolate and is a great addition to chocolate cakes and cupcakes. Coffee can be added as either a substitute for water, or in addition to milk or cream. Instant coffee flakes can also be added to almost any dry mix without changing the consistency of the finished product. Coffee can also be added to the icing of the dessert by using it as a substitute for the milk in the recipe or by sprinkling the frosted areas with instant coffee flakes. Perhaps you can also decorating the complete cake with a garnish of coffee beans.

  2. Coffee bean snacks: roasted coffee beans make amazing snacks whether they are plain, coated in chocolate, or mixed into cereal bars. However you choose to enjoy these crunchy little bits, they make the perfect snack between cups and give you the same jolt.

  3. Coffee air freshener: The smell of coffee has been shown to be just as effective as the drink itself in waking consumers up in the morning and helping with concentration. Consider purchasing a small mason jar or similar style container, fill it with roasted coffee beans, poke holes in the lid, and leave it in your car on a hot day. When you return to your car, it will smell like your favorite coffee shop and maybe the traffic won't seem as bad anymore.

  4. Set your coffee maker to brew early: Many people set their coffee maker to start brewing at the same time that their alarm goes off in the morning. But if you set it to turn on just 15 or 20 minute earlier than your alarm you not only ensure that your coffee is ready as soon as you get up, but also allow yourself to wake up to the lovely smell of fresh brewed coffee in the air.

  5. Wake up with a coffee ground face mask: If you take your coffee with cream try giving your face some (but skip the sugar). This simple face mask not only invigorates your skin, but the vitamins and minerals found in both the coffee and the cream can help clear and re-energize your skin to help you take on the day.

  6. Coffee Cubes: As the weather starts to get nicer, many java junkies switch over to iced coffee which get watery if not finished in under an hour. To avoid this, brew some coffee beforehand and freeze it in an ice cube tray for the next day’s cup. If you want to take this to the next level, consider making your coffee to your exact liking (milk/sugar/flavor) and then freeze it, ensuring that your personal concoction stays exactly as you like it as the coffee ice cube melts.

  7. Mix up the flavor: Create your own flavored coffees by adding spices to the plain grounds before you brew. Pumpkin pie spice mix added to the grounds allows you to have pumpkin spice coffee year round. Consider adding cinnamon or cayenne to give your coffee an extra kick.

  8. DIY coffee Candles: Consider making your own coffee candles. Simply pick a container and place the wick in. Drop in some whole roasted coffee beans and pour wax over until the container is full. Allow this to harden. Then light the wick, enjoying the scent as your house fills with the warm smell of coffee.

  9. Coffee Hair Spray: the benefits of coffee for your skin have already been discussed ut they go for your hair as well. Consider filling a spray bottle with cool black coffee and spray it into your hair, allowing it to soak into your scalp before you shower. This will not only make your hair smell great, but will also invigorate your scalp, creating a healthier head of hair.

  10. Coffee hair removal: Mix new or used coffee grounds with baking soda and olive oil, and use this mixture on any area with unwanted hair. The elements in the coffee and baking soda break down the hair at the follicle while the olive oil moisturizes your skin, eliminating the hair and limiting future growth.

Coffee has so many uses besides your morning cup of joe. This list is just a small sample of ways to use your favorite drink so embrace it and enjoy your mini obsession. However you take your coffee is great. If someone could put it in an IV there would definitely be a market for it.