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Kevin McMullin
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March 10, 2021

Sure it's nice to be valedictorian, captain of the baseball team, and a chess champion, but what are the meaningful things you can do right now to get better and help you get into college? We've got 10 of the best ones right here.

One way to improve your chances of getting into college is to make big changes, improve your GPA, raise your test scores, Become the editor of the paper or the MVP of the swim team or president of the student council. But those are big changes and big changes take take time. What can you do now to improve your chances of getting into college?

Little changes are more accessible and less intimidating. And they can be made today. There are approximately 90 school days in a semester and every one of them is an opportunity to take a small step that will get you closer to college. Here are 10 suggestions:

1. Focus hard in class as if you were going to be tested on the material at the end of the day. It may seem small, but little changes can add up over time.

2. Turn off your phone, Facebook and any other distractions while you do your homework and study. Social media is fun, but it can be a constant distraction to your work.

3. Do a 30-minute practice section from the SAT or ACT. Practice makes perfect, right?

4. Put your hand up in class to ask a question or contribute to the discussion. Force yourself to participate and engage with the material.

5. Meet with your counselor to talk about your college planning. If you’ve never met your counselor, introduce yourself and ask for a meeting.

6. Spend time getting even better at something you're already good at. Maximizing a strength is a lot more fun and effective than trying to improve a weakness.

7. Take on a project in your club or organization that nobody else seems willing to do. A healthy challenge can be a great learning experience.

8. Write a blog post or make a YouTube video that teaches others how to do something you’re good at. Explore what makes you special—like algebra or guitar or traditional Indian dancing—and share it with others.

9. Keep a list of things you're excited to learn and experience in college. Then find schools that can give them to you.

10. Be nice to the kid at school nobody seems to treat well. Show compassion and spread kindness, it can benefit everyone you speak to.