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August 09, 2021

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, or the RSA is an exciting not-for-profit organization based in the UK. The RSA is dedicated to the idea of 21st-century enlightenment. It argues that the way we live in and interact with our world has to change: the foundation of education and thought developed in the last two centuries will not be sufficient to solve current and future problems.

Broadly, The RSA provides a space for ideas and debate and research and development. Specific programs run through The RSA, as well, and are especially focused on education and curriculum in order to produce a generation with new and vital skill sets. In fact, the Whitley Abbey Community School, a business and enterprise college (in England college years constitute the US' junior and senior year of highschool) based in Coventry is to become the first of an RSA family of academies. The RSA's schools look to promote social justice and share best practices with the academic community.

The RSA's Opening Minds curriculum has received very positive reviews among parents and education officials. RSA Director of Education, Professor Becky Francis recently said: "The RSA seeks to work with schools in areas of disadvantage, and participating schools will subscribe to a progressive, socially just ethos. This will include working to narrow the socio-economic attainment gap, sharing best practice with local schools and promoting the interests of all students in the area."

They also feature some great educational videos. Check out this one on changing educational paradigms:

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