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January 24, 2020

 Jidenna Bambi, bambi. Jiddena is very underrated.


Bambi, bambi. Jiddena is very underrated. His vintage fashion coupled with that Nat King Cole like voice is a lethal combination. His style of writing is truly unique, for example Bambi. “To run the jungle I must be a lion, or be a cheetah (cheater) but neither is fine." Is an iconic line. The wordplay is definitely something that he’s good at. Jidenna truly is a classic man.

Kiana Ledé

Kiana, Kiana, Kiana. You talk about sangin’? This girl can sing. She mostly does covers and mashups of popular songs, like Passionfruit by Drake, and Congratulations by Post Malone to name a few, but when she does, she gives it her all. She is incredibly talented and that’s something that will never go away.

Kenyon Dixon.

Kenyon Dixon is amazing. His soulful voice is something that will definitely put you in the proverbial bag. A personal favorite is his song Bitter. Even on your best days, hearing ‘Bitter’ will make you call your ex from kindergarten and apologize for not sharing the blocks with them. Trust me.

Daniel Caesar.

Y’all. I didn’t hear about Daniel Caesar until recently but boy am I glad that I did. His voice is funky, but in a good way, almost like melting chocolate. He’s a really talented artist and there’s something about the way that he dresses that also is funky enough to keep you wanting more.


My personal favorite on this list is this cat right here. He’s the king of word play, with metaphors galore. His style is very versatile, ranging from R&B ballads, to songs for the ride to the party he has got it. He recently released a song called Subliminals and it definitely speaks to your inner Petty LaBelle.