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Destany Bogue
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January 24, 2020

One of the best parts about the change from winter to spring, besides the warmer weather and the sun being out longer, is spring cleaning. Although many people hate the thought of it, spri

One of the best parts about the change from winter to spring, besides the warmer weather and the sun being out longer, is spring cleaning. Although many people hate the thought of it, spring cleaning is a way to declutter homes, feel fresh, and feel better about the seasonal change. If you’re one of those people who struggles with the thought of spring cleaning, there are many ways to get motivated and go for it. Here are five books that can help inspire you to get started on the process.

One such book is Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets by Lisa Quinn. In this book, Quinn shows how cleaning can be fun without being so much hard work that it gets too tiring. Quinn gives out tricks and shortcuts for cleaning and tells you about the things you have to clean when company comes over. She also gives out advice on which items in your home will have the most hidden dirt and even suggests recipes to try with deli chicken.

Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is another book that can help motivate you to  spring clean. Many people know of Kondo’s first book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, where she introduces people to the very basics of the KonMari method, which involves focusing on what you want to keep, not what you want to get rid of. This first book has been said to have changed millions of people’s lives and homes across the world. Spark Joy is a continuation of it, in which Kondo goes into depth about how to focus on decluttering and organize your home. In Spark Joy, Kondo shows how the real way to declutter your home is to ask yourself what “sparks joy" and keep whatever does.

Clean My Space by Melissa Maker is another book that can help provide inspiration. Maker knows that in order to invest time into cleaning, people need to see long-lasting results. She has developed some methods that will help people get the most of the effort they put into keeping their homes fresh and welcoming. Maker also gives advice in her book about the best non-toxic and eco-conscious cleaning products to use in your home.

Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More by Erin Boyle can help anyone declutter, organize, and simplify. Boyle shares advice on small-space living, conscious consumption, and how simple living is not only more sustainable for the environment but also for your own happiness. She shows that living small and simple is beneficial and something that everyone can do, whether living in a huge house or a small apartment. Beautifully Organized: A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home by Nikki Boyd is another inspiring book. Boyd shares her advice on how to create an organized, peaceful, and welcoming home. In her book, she teaches that you have to assess, declutter, clean, organize, and then beautify your home in order to get that fresh feeling. Boyd teaches that these steps will help make your life and home meaningful.

Spring cleaning shouldn’t have to be a chore and shouldn’t have to be difficult for anyone. It should be fun even if you hate to clean. Spring is a time to start fresh and one of the best ways to do that is cleaning your home, getting rid of the dust that’s been laying around all winter long, and decluttering in order to start over for the rest of the year. If you’re one of those people who struggle with just the thought of spring cleaning, just think about how spring is the official season for starting over and remember that the cleaning process isn’t as bad as you may think it is. Try reading one of the books that were mentioned above and see if it helps your creativity so you get into the process of spring cleaning.