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Michael Westwood
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January 24, 2020

This writer enjoys listening to music of all genres. Whether it be hip-hop, R&B, dance, house, or rock, my iPod has thousands of songs I enjoy.

This writer enjoys listening to music of all genres. Whether it be hip-hop, R&B, dance, house, or rock, my iPod has thousands of songs I enjoy. Here are a few of my favorite artists and why I enjoy their music so much:

The Weeknd

The first song I heard from The Weeknd was the well-produced “Wicked Games." This man has so much singing talent that it is insane. The background music complements the lyrics very well and The Weeknd’s ability to hold a note only enhances the song’s quality. Since “Wicked Games," The Weeknd has many more songs that I think are fantastic. These songs include “The Hills," “Wanderlust," “Can’t Feel My Face," “Often," and his featured part in Mike WILL Made-It’s “Drinks On Us." While these songs are filled with cursing and some crude lyrics, it is part of The Weeknd’s appeal and also a part of the genre he represents. If I were to letter-grade the Weeknd as an overall artist, I would give him an A.

David Guetta

While David Guetta does not sing in his songs, he is responsible for very popular background music that his fans find appealing. Whether it’s “Sexy Chick" with Akon, “Rise" with Skylar Grey, “Turn Me On" with Nicki Minaj, “Crank It Up" with Akon, or “Little Bad Girl" with Taio Cruz and Ludacris, all of his songs are designed to get any dance floor moving. What I find the most interesting about David Guetta’s music is how he is able to make each beat sound distinct within his songs. In other words, every song he produces has a different sound to it despite coming from the same source. The wide range of other artists Guetta collaborates with also adds to his respected reputation as a DJ. I believe that, next to fellow DJ, Tiesto, David Guetta will go down as one of the more recognizable and reputable DJs of the millennial generation.


Pitbull is a very divisive individual within the music industry. Some people enjoy his work, others do not. I think that although he is not the best artist to see live because of his lack of vocal range, the music he makes is very fun to listen and dance to. Some of my favorite songs of his are “Give Me Everything" with Ne-Yo and Nayer, “Fireball" with John Ryan, “Shake Senora" with T-Pain and Sean Paul. I also enjoy “Shut It Down" with Akon, “Hey Baby (Drop It to the Floor)" with T-Pain, “Don’t Stop The Party" with TJR and “Hotel Room Service." These songs are ideal for a party or club and are lyrically catchy. Pitbull’s music career is defined by getting his fans to dance and have a good time, which is sometimes all a song needs.


This man has a lot of entertaining songs and my personal favorite is “Same Damn Time," the version with Diddy and Ludacris. While it is a very boastful song on the part of all three artists, the background music makes the lyrics worthwhile. This song is full of profanity, but most (if not all) rap music has swearing in its songs, so rap music fans either overlook that aspect or accept it. I also enjoy the message of the song, as it conveys an over-confident swagger and shows how Future handles himself professionally. In other words, he does not care what his “haters" think and he is aware of his own musical talents.

Theory of a Deadman

I was first exposed to this rock band through the professional wrestling company WWE, as they featured some of their songs as themes for a few of their monthly pay-per-view events. The first song I heard from Theory of a Deadman was their hit, “Got It Made." This song is very fast-paced and conveys a message of people who are living life to the fullest. This song will cause the listener to want to play air drums and for anyone seeing this band live, it must be a thrill ride. Other popular songs by this band include “Panic Room," which was the theme song for WWE’s pay-per-view “Hell in a Cell" back in 2014 and “Deadly Games," which was featured on a WWE music album called “Wreckless Intent." While “Panic Room" has a sinister theme to it, the background drums and the way the lead singer’s voice sounds make this song very entertaining and engaging.

I recommend these bends to anyone who might be interested in checking out some new tunes. No matter what genre is your favorite, I believe these bands produce songs everyone can enjoy.