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Lara Rosales

August 11, 2020

Should you consider a career as a freelancer? Is this a viable option after graduation?

When you graduate, most people will expect you to have a job in your industry pretty much immediately. A lot of them forget you require years of experience before actually being hired in your dream role. Only the lucky ones graduate and land the job they have been dreaming about. The rest of us will have to begin somewhere else. We will accept a job that will allow us to financially maintain ourselves while giving us the experience we need or working an entry-level job at a company of our liking–sometimes it will not even be there, but any company hiring someone with our experience and our degree.

As being hired has become harder and harder with each passing year, graduates have found different ways in which to earn a living. A large group of them decided to dedicate their time to the side hustle they had while studying. The more artistic ones spend their free time doing art or designing different products to sell at shops or online, hoping one day that will become their main source of income. There are others who volunteer at community centers or recreational centers. But the majority of them apply to entry-level jobs with the hope that one day they will be hired for the position they have always wanted.

Then we have those who have found the greatness of becoming freelancers. What does this mean? The Dictionary defines a freelancer as “a person who works as a writer, designer, performer, or the like, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, rather than working on a regular salary basis for one employer." It has become the source of income for many professionals who require multiple years of experience before applying for a job at a company. In the last few years, it has become a viable option and a lot of people decide to make this their only source of income.

There currently are a great number of platforms to connect freelancers with people who need to hire them for specific jobs. These platforms allow “employers" to post the requirements and details of a job for different “employees" to apply. Without needing to meet face to face, they connect and agree upon a price, a deadline, and the manner in which the job needs to be done. This process tends to be faster than most of the current online applications, and that is why many prefer this option.

However, should you consider a career as a freelancer? Is it a viable option after graduation? Will you be able to have a good income to support yourself? If you know how to go about it, you will. Once you submerge yourself in the freelance world, you will know how to make a living out of it. The people who have been doing it for ages surely recommend it. In order to be successful, you need to broaden your network. Good reviews from previous customers are necessary. A well-crafted portfolio will help future clients know why they should hire you, so make sure to create one that you are proud of.

Graduating can be scary and knowing what steps to take next is terrifying. The idea of not having a job after graduation makes a lot of students nervous. But you need to know that many of us graduate without a job and start immediately applying to the ones we want. Freelancing is a great and viable option for graduates. Like every job, it is not for everyone, but it has its benefits for those who do enjoy doing it. Writers, designers, and web developers tend to go down this career path because it works out better for them.

If you are thinking about becoming a freelancer, contact other freelancers to hear their experience. Research which platform would be best for you and your craft.

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