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Mike Westwood
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April 23, 2020

This article will detail my insights on why Communication courses are fun and beneficial for a Communication major. It will be told solely from my perspective.

When I entered my junior year of college as a transfer student, I chose to major in Communication. My logic behind that choice was to one day work for the professional wrestling promotion, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), as a Creative Writer. Wrestling is my favorite hobby of all of my hobbies. I find the professional wrestling industry fascinating because I know that the wrestlers are competing in a pre-rehearsed match with a predetermined outcome. Regardless of those aspects, in my opinion, professional wrestling is a fun form of entertainment and I would like to contribute to that entertainment someday.

Working with my peers and professors in the Communication courses I took allowed me to progress in terms of my social skills and my self-confidence in speaking in front of an audience. When it comes to making presentations in a job, articulation, effective eye contact and hand gestures are some of the nuances I learned about that will get a crowd engaged in your speech and comes off professionally too. In fact, I received some good praise and advice from a professor when she told me that if I was able to slow down my voice when I spoke, I have the potential to be a good reader. I am a fast talker, I admit that, but people may have trouble understanding a person when they talk too fast, especially in a phone conversation. I also learned that saying filler words such as “um," “like," and “basically" are speech-making blunders. We all do it, I am guilty of it myself, but being mindful of that will be good practice for a novice job candidate.

In certain Communication courses, the professors will plan activities around the lesson to try and make learning the required material more fun. I greatly enjoyed the interactivity behind this concept, because I find that style more engrossing than simply sitting at a desk while a professor lectures for an hour. One professor in particular planned fun lessons almost every class in a semester and I learned a lot from her during the three courses I took from her. It was in one of these three courses that I had to present a persuasive speech about a company and why my peers should research the company. I picked WWE and articulated my points to the extent that I intrigued a classmate to look up WWE. This same professor once noted in a presentation I gave that I loved wrestling and she liked it when I talked about it because of how excited it made me.

For any Communication major in college, the courses go a long way in preparing students for a Communication-oriented profession. That is the idea anyway, but Curry College especially offers courses that are very beneficial to getting a job in Communication, in my case being a WWE Creative Writer. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities I had to meet fellow students whom I ended up befriending and learning the professional social skills needed to be a successful employee one day.

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