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Liz Buffa
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August 09, 2021

Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, two of the world's leading experts on artificial intelligence at Stanford University are now offering one of their courses online--for free--this fall. Already, tens of thousands from around the world have signed up. With the admirable goal of bringing knowledge beyond the walls of the elite university's classrooms, this course could be a model for the future. "The vision is: change the world by bringing education to places that can't be reached today," said Dr. Thrun.

How will it work?

  • No grades or credit, but participants will be ranked against other students.

  • In place of office hours: Google moderator service, allowing students to vote on questions that the professors will answer by video or in an online chat.

  • Students will receive a "certificate of accomplishment."

Read the whole article on The New York Times site and read more on Stanford's site about this course and two others that are being taught online.

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