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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

April 20, 2020

Want to know what a Bachelor degree in Fashion Merchandising is about or perhaps you're already in the major and want more details?

Apparel Merchandising more commonly known as Fashion Merchandising is a degree focusing on fashion and business. This degree explores the marketing aspects such as promoting sales, advertising, and selling products.

These are some of the classes you will likely have to take at your university and some university will have different curriculum.


This class entails of learning about their characteristics, structures, functionality as a fabric, and how fabrics are made. This class is fun to learn all about fabrics.


You will need to do some math in this degree. You will often have to an accounting class to learn how to calculate sales, profits, and other calculations that is expected. This is a valuable skill to learn when you want a job in the business side of fashion.

Product Development

This class entails you to design fashion products that would bring in to the market.


This class is fun to take and part of the major since you will need to learn. This class comes in handy by learning about the mind and behavior it helps with marketing and how you can sway potential customers to buy your products.

Fashion Merchandising is a fun major and you will learn the business aspects of the industry. Also, you will learn the skills of what it takes for products to sell and how to cater the products for customers' needs.

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