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January 24, 2020

Taylor Swift. How do I begin to explain Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift. How do I begin to explain Taylor Swift. I sort of feel that I’ve evolved with T-Swift; I have understood her, felt her joy, pain and, of course, I’ve followed the saga of her love life. Her songs were the unofficial soundtracks to my high school career. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Her self-titled debut album didn’t really resonate with me at first, but when I listened to it later, I realized what all the excitement was about.

‘Fearless’ is what really turned me into a Swiftie. ‘You Belong with Me’ is a classic, and I will always recall those incredible memories of Friday Night Lights, Sonic drive throughs, sing alongs, and pep rallies when I would always jam out to this song.

Back in 2010(back… 7 freaking years ago!), ‘Speak Now’ was my prized possession. I remember receiving the physical CD and playing it on repeat for days(P.S.- I learned how to transfer CDs to my iTunes library 2 weeks after I got the album). I also remember jamming out to ‘Mean’ on my iPhone… to say I was thrilled would be an understatement.

The build up to ‘Red’ was huge for me. I was in Houston when it came out and I remember that ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ was blasting everywhere. I even overheard a passerby saying “I’m so sick of this song!" Also, my friend turned 22 when ‘22’ came out, so she had a T-Swift themed party. #GOALS.

In 1989, her style changed from country to pop(although ‘Red’ was pretty country-like for me). This was also the year that I started my blog, and a breakdown of the ‘Bad Blood’ video was one of my first posts. Additionally, ‘Shake it Off’ is still a soothing anthem for me.

Her newest album, ‘Reputation,’ is a complete 180º turn from her previous records. I haven’t scoured the songs yet(I’m waiting until it’s on Spotify), but ‘...Ready For It’ is my favorite so far, and the preview of ‘End Game’ with Ed Sheeran and Future seems EPIC.