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August 09, 2021

These handy new apps for iPad and iPhone allow you to study for the LSAT on the go:

EduPath LSAT

This app uses actual LSAT questions to help you practice all sections on the LSAT. (Free)

LSAT Connect

LSAT Connect allows you to review, connect with other students studying for the LSAT, and take practice tests. ($9.99)

Smart Vocab: LSAT

Vocab support specially designed for the LSAT. ($5.99)

LSAT Titan

By far the most extensive (and expensive) app out there for LSAT prep, the Titan gives you access to over 63,000 test questions and explanations to the answers of almost 2,000 of them from professional LSAT tutors. ($499.99)

For more tips on acing the LSAT, check out these 7 tips or this list of the best LSAT blogs out there.

Think an app might not be enough? Find yourself an LSAT tutor or test prep course here.

Do you know of an app that's not listed here? Comment below and we'll add it to the list!

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