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Elizabeth Coleman
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January 24, 2020

 Girl. Slow down.

Girl. Slow down. I know you like to be busy all the time but please, slow down. Enjoy the moment. Enjoy each and every second. Appreciate it, live it, and enjoy it. Rushing to the next step will not get you anywhere. You do not need to be in the next moment right away; just appreciate where you are. College is so much fun, please just take a moment to stop taking it so seriously and to just enjoy it! Stick with the clubs you joined and go to the meetings. You will love what you find. Remember to put $50 a month on your loans while you are at it!

Stop being so harsh with other people. There is no need for you to be so judgemental, so strict, and so quick to give up on people. I know you are frustrated, and annoyed, but pushing everyone away is not worth it. Enjoy your life as your life and stop being so quick to decide whether or not someone else’s choices are better or worse than yours.

Hopefully, you have a long life ahead of you. Making moves on your career early is a good idea when you take it, but your part time job does not need to be a big step in your career, because it will not matter ten years down the line. Do not be ashamed of where you are. Be proud of yourself for making it this far.

Please love your first car like it is your child. That car is seriously the best and can last you forever if you treat it right. No twenty year old needs a super nice car, anyways, and you are not that great of a driver anyway (please practice parallel parking), so love this car and treat it well.

Remember to read. You love to read, it makes you smarter and wittier, so please do not take a break from reading because you are chagrined about carrying a book around with you everywhere. If someone thinks it is dorky and they think less of you for it, then they are not worth it. Remember to study! You are so smart; please do not waste your abilities.

Stand up for everything you believe in. You are so passionate, informed, and intelligent that if you stand by your passions, you will be unstoppable. Do not be afraid to speak up when something does not seem right. Trust your instincts and listen to your gut. If something feels wrong, chances are, it is wrong.

I know you love the guy, and it will work out how you want it to, but please do not spend your time pining over him. Things will work out, but make sure you love yourself more than you love him when you open yourself up to him again. Remember to keep it moving and not to waste time on any silly boys in the meantime!

Spend time with both sets of your grandparents. You are so lucky that all four are alive and you do not know how much longer that will be for. So many people do not have that luck, so please do not take it for granted.