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January 24, 2020

 So many times in life, I find myself hearing about someone who single-handedly changed the world. And I laugh.

So many times in life, I find myself hearing about someone who single-handedly changed the world. And I laugh. Not at them, but at myself for ever thinking I could be like them. I recently finished reading Mother Teresa’s biography, and I can attest that those were the exact feelings I had after.

This woman, who had literally nothing but faith, did so many amazing things for so many people. Her door was always open, and her home was everyone else’s. She was a lady who knew how to share and gave all of her talents to those who needed them. I mean, she won a Noble Peace Prize. Whether or not you’re religious, you can still agree that is incredible.

It’s also something I thought I could never do. Yeah, I can share but not that much. Plus, I just don’t have the incentive. Or the drive. Also, what’s in it for me if I do something awesome for someone else?

Now, take a second and think about the above paragraphs. Those thoughts? The ones that I admittedly have from time to time? These thoughts are exactly what kills the good in this world. They’re the ones that create doubt in us. And fear. They build walls.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have those thoughts. Honestly, I’m sure even Mother Teresa had tons of those doubts.

So, then, what makes the go-getters and world-changers different than the rest of us? I think it’s that they let those thoughts run through their minds, but then squash them. They looked at everyone before them who changed the world, told themselves they could too, and then did.

It’s so easy to think that the one who’s going to change the world isn’t us. It’s someone else. Someone better, stronger, more confident. The reality is, though, that each one of us is capable of holding that kind of power, and all it takes is the belief that we can.

One person can impact so much in our lives, so why can’t we be that person in other’s lives?

So, re-read those first few paragraphs. Recognize all of that doubt that I have, and that I’m sure you do too. Then, look it straight in the eyes and laugh at it. When you aren’t afraid to fail or maybe stand alone because of your beliefs, nothing can hold you back.

And guess what? That’s the recipe for changing the world.