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Matthew Hermalyn
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December 18, 2019

These apps revolutionize the way we understand and absorb information.

Since the creation of the App Store three years ago, the way in which information is exchanged has altered dramatically. As of today there are over a half a million apps available and that number is constantly going up.

I Education Apps Review (IEAR.ORG) is a fantastic website with over three hundred apps based around education. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Elementary School

Tortoise and the Hare Puppet Show:

Free. The classic story of slow and steady wins the race, this app shows a live performance of this classic fable. Only this time with puppets!

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Middle School

Algebra I Study and Review:

$2.99. This app breaks down Algebra into a helpful review guide with different sections and sub-categories.

Check out the full review from IEAR here.

High School

The National Archives:

Interested in seeing what Abraham Lincoln's handwriting looks like on the Gettysburg Address or what happened on your birthday in 1912? This app is full of fascinating historical facts and documents.

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