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Jaimy Jean-Noel
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May 01, 2020

Life happens and sometimes you find yourself trying stave off a meltdown as your assignments continue to pile up. Find ways to calm the storm before it gets to a point of no return.

Just as there are highs in college, there are also lows. Along with the fun, friends, and social life comes the classes assignments, and papers. It also doesn't help that everything seems to pile up at the end of the semester. Even though we know that the storm of increased responsibility is coming we fall victim to procrastination and other bad habits each and every time. The stress that comes with it all is inevitable sometimes but there are ways to either lessen it or even avoid it altogether.

A lot of what we want to accomplish comes from the work that we put in to get it. If you want to have fewer meltdowns around finals time you have to be willing to put some uncompromisable techniques in place. Like facing your fears, you've got to face that To-Do list head on.

Get A List Going

Lists help us get organized and give us a sense of responsibility. Instead of all of your tasks floating around in your head you can organize them in a well though out To-Do list. You can keep it simple by making a general list of tasks that need to get done or you get intricate. Breaking down individual tasks into chunks and tacking dates on them holds you accountable. Even if you don't get to everything on the list at least you were able to be productive and make one.

Take Breaks

Some individuals find that plowing through assignments is the best technique for getting things done however allowing your mind to take a break makes for quality work. You avoid burning out that way. Keeping in mind that the lists you make help to keep you from procrastinating, you'll have the time to step away and take a breather as opposed to if you were pulling an all-nighter. Eat a snack, listen to some calming music, talk to a friend or anything else that can get your mind off of the task at hand for a little while. When you return to your work you'll hopefully have a clear mind that's ready to get back to work.

Find A Community

Those scheduled breaks can entail reaching out to a friend. We usually find solace in others who can identify with us especially when we're feeling overwhelmed. It can be a group of people or an individual such as a close friend or therapist. Whoever it may be make sure that you're regularly making yourself and your feelings heard. You'll be surprised at how good it feels to get things off of your chest instead of trying to keep it all in and dealing with it yourself.

We have a lot more control than we think we do when it comes to stress especially during our time in college. Half the battle is coming to terms with what you have to get done. Stare that paper in the face until you can muster up the strength to start writing. Set that alarm a little earlier than you normally would. Your procrastinating self will thank you.

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