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Mandy Li
Noodle Expert Member

July 06, 2020

Benefits of an Associate degree.

Associates degrees is often found in community colleges. There are four types of associates which are: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Arts, and Associate of Applied Science. Completing an Associate degree while you are in community college is a great option to do while in school.


An associate degree is often transferable and can be applied to the college you want to go to. Make sure to find out what Associate degree is transferable in your community college where it varies for colleges.


Associate degrees are affordable. It takes less time to complete an associate degree where it takes 2 years or less.


There are many different types of specialized field you can pursue when obtaining an associate degree. You can specialized which field you like and community colleges offers a wide range.

Having an associate degree is beneficial where it can enhance your resume and further your education. By having an associate degree you are essentially learning more knowledge on a particular field.

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