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Rishi Patel
Noodle Expert Member

May 26, 2020

In this tough economy, you may have to consider it.

We are living in a time where finding job openings is coming at a premium due to the downfall of the economy. For recent grads or entry-level professionals seeking a job change, this may result in needing to take work that is not aligning with a desired field of interest. Because there is no exact timetable on the recovery of the job market, it may be worth considering taking a job that is not in your associated field, but could provide some great experience and money. Is that a good decision? Let’s break this down:

Is the job related to your field?

Ideally, the job you are working in aligns with your long-term career goals and provides a realistic path towards accomplishing those goals. If you are a creative professional, taking a sales or marketing job could provide great experience and opportunities, but it likely doesn’t align with goals.

This is a major decision when evaluating a job offer. If you end up working in a different field than you desire, then you would likely have to start back at the beginning with your desired field because you may not have the relevant experience. Time also plays a factor into this too, as you may be a couple years out from college graduation when once again trying to pursue a job in your field of interest.

Think of Advancement

Many professional jobs offer a path of advancement that can lead you to career success (after some time). When looking at a job offer, you must consider whether this is the field you want to advance in for your career.

Again, if you are a creative professional and take a sales or marketing job to start, you have a great chance of advancing to higher-level positions in the marketing field as you develop experience. The most important thing to evaluate is whether you want this.

The Job Search

The job search is a different process for everybody. When looking at a job offer, especially one for a gig that is not related to your field, weigh the pros and cons. Have you been hitting roadblocks in the job search? Are you getting noticed by hiring managers in your desired field of work? Do you have the necessary experience to land a job in your field of interest? How long have you been searching? Is it worth waiting for another opportunity?

These are all things to consider. If you feel you have the right experience for your field and believe you can land a job in it (and you are willing to wait), you may choose to consider doing so as that is the field you want to advance in. However, if you are looking to get started, explore different options, and build experience in that, you may choose to accept an offer in another field.

Many young professionals may choose to take jobs not in their field of interest because of the tough times we live in right now. Accepting a job offer in another field of work is a different process for everyone. It’s important to evaluate the short-term and long-term effects of the potential decision along with assessing your desire to explore a new field. In the end, there is no concrete “right" answer to this question. It’s an individual choice and you should do what you feel is right for you.

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