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Cindy Goldrich
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August 09, 2021

Who would you pick, alive or dead, to be your teacher for a year? What would you want to learn?

I am a major fan of Hiam Ginott. He was a school teacher, a child psychologist and psychotherapist and a parent educator - and a true pioneer in the field. He wrote several books that beautifully explain the value of speaking with children with dignity and respect. His writings are as relevant today as they were when he wrote them in the 1960's and 1970's. I would love to learn about his life and how it informed his work. I would love to learn all that his years of experience taught him - the reflections he had upon reflecting on his body of work.

What is one small piece of advice that has had a big impact on your life?

"Start with wherever you are and with whatever you've got." - Jim Rohn
Each day you can only do what you can do - you can't go back so regret will not help. Reflecting on the past is valuable if it informs the actions you take in the present.

Where would you send a student who hasn't traveled before?

Probably to Colorado - Boulder, Aspen, Glenwood Springs - anywhere that they can experience the majestic mountains and the beauty of nature.

When was a time that you failed academically, and what did you learn from the experience?

I measure my success on my own expectations of myself and what I believe I am capable of. So my failure is quite subjective. When I do not perform as I believe I should have, I have learned to see what I needed to adjust - was it the time spent learning, the method I was studying, or perhaps needing to find support in understanding the material better than I was able to independently.

Why did you go into your field, and how is it different from what you expected?

I became and ADHD Parent Coach after initially working with high school and college students. I found that parents truly need support themselves in terms of understanding the challenges their children face both academically and behaviorally. Parents often feel so frustrated, worried, and saddened when they find their relationships with their children are strained and their children are not reaching their potential. I found that I am able to help parents gain insights, skills, and confidence to develop effective parenting methods that both improve relationships and their children's performance - at school and at home.