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January 24, 2020

There are a ton of different coffee drinks out there—one for each of us it may seem. So how to choose? If you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you may be able to use it to narrow d

There are a ton of different coffee drinks out there—one for each of us it may seem. So how to choose? If you know your Myers-Briggs personality type, you may be able to use it to narrow down the perfect cup of coffee for you.

For those unfamiliar, the Myers-Briggs  is made up of four components: first is Introverted versus Extroverted; the second Sensing versus Intuitive; third is Thinking versus Feeling; and last is Judging versus Perceiving.

INTJ: Architect-  Black coffee: this personality type likes things straight forward, so the plainest coffee out there is the perfect fit.

INTP: Logician- Red Eye: just a little extra boost on top of a normal coffee for this personality type. They are similarly strategic like the ‘Architect’ type, but think a bit more outside the box.

ENTJ: Commander- Frappe: this is great for someone who is a natural leader like this personality type. It is a popular beverage, and mixes instant coffee and cream like this personality type mixes strong judgment and leadership.

ENTP: Debater- Ristretto: a concentrated espresso shot is perfect for someone who has high energy and is very meticulous while also being quite social.

INFJ: Advocate- Mocha: this personality type is calculated and sympathetic, so the mocha is their perfect drink, as it brings chocolate into the coffee.

INFP: Mediator- Americano: this drink is best for someone who values their own thoughts and beliefs and stays very true to their gut. It is a basically watered down espresso.

ENFJ: Protagonist- Café Cubano: this drink is delicious and sweet and my favorite, and this was my personality type when I took the quiz. It’s an attention commanding personality that takes charge in social situations.

ENFP: Campaigner- Cappuccino: this person is generally going with their gut feeling and encouraging those around them to do the same. They are very personable, so the perfect drink for them is one as popular as they are.

ISTJ: Logistician-  Cha Phe Sua Da: this drink is slightly more complicated than many others and so it is perfect for this personality type who is similarly systematic and calculated.

ISFJ: Defender- Café Affogato: this personality type is helpful and caring, so they deserve some ice cream in their coffee. Affogato is an espresso shot with ice cream.

ESTJ: Executive- Espresso Romano: the combination of espresso and lemon is perfect for this personality type to keep them sharp and increase natural leadership. They have strong judgment and those they engage with generally notice.

ESFJ: Consul- Café Bombon: this personality type is a great friend and helper, as they have good judgment and high empathy. This drink, consisting of coffee and sugar,  is as sweet as the personality type.

ISTP: Virtuoso- Turkish Coffee: a more complex brewing process with a wonderful foam and flavor is perfect for this personality type, as they value complexities.

ISFP: Adventurer- Vienna: this eccentric and diverse personality type deserves an equally unique drink. The drink is a mix of espresso, whipped cream and chocolate.

ESTP: Entrepreneur-  Guillermo: two espresso shots poured on a lemon slice, a very individual drink for this personality type, which sticks to their gut but thinks things through a lot.

ESFP: Entertainer- Macchiato: this personality type has a love for the lavish and has high energy. The macchiato is mostly milk foam often in a fancy swirl. A shot of espresso for an extra boost makes the perfect drink.

For more information on your Myers Briggs Personality type, go to The website has full information on the types as well as an available test. Also if you get the chance, go out and try your specific coffee type if you have never before.