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Alizah Acosta
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January 23, 2020

Vaccines have been regularly admitted for countless years. Recently, however, people have  started questioning whether or not vaccines are necessary.

Vaccines have been regularly admitted for countless years. Recently, however, people have  started questioning whether or not vaccines are necessary. If so, when should they be taken? Do we need all the vaccines our health professionals suggest? Here’s what college students are saying about vaccinations.

It Should be the Child’’s Decision

There are a lot of people who would agree that the decision to be vaccinated should be left up to the child. One of the issues with this is that states have different laws as to how old you have to be to ask for your own vaccines. In some cases, you have to be an adult, which means you could potentially live 18 years of your life unvaccinated. This could leave you vulnerable to diseases. If we as a nation allow kids to make up their own minds about vaccines, then we must lower the restriction age so that they are available.

We Should Vaccinate...Kinda

There are vaccines we should get, but there are ones that are unnecessary. If you are going into another country and will be exposed to diseases your body is not used to or could be affected by, then you should take the necessary precautions in order to be safe. The flu shot, for example, is a highly unnecessary shot. It is a money maker that often doesn’t protect against the flu. It is filled with chemicals and ingredients that are unsafe and unnecessary.

Vaccines Prevent Diseases

It’s not even up for debate. Vaccines have been preventing and curing diseases, illnesses, and viruses since they were discovered. Modern medicine is intended to help people and we should trust what scientists have been working hard to make. It is proven that these shots have helped people. Yes, some react poorly to the shots, but that’s a risk with any and all medications. You may have a reaction to a vaccine, but that isn’t common. The pros to vaccinations far outweighs the cons, and that has been made much clearer in recent months with the measles outbreaks.

Parents Know Best

Not many people admit this, but this student says that parents should make the decision for the child. Parents have the best interest for their kid at heart. They have more experience and knowledge than children. If a parent suggests their child doesn’t get vaccines, it was only to protect them.

Every Case is Different

It isn’t fair or possible to expect that everyone can fit into one law or rule. Someone may want or need certain vaccines and another person may have life threatening reactions to the medicine. This student believes that everyone should be in control of their own bodies. It’s all about being intune with your body and knowing what it needs. He suggests that if you don’t vaccinate yourself, children, or whomever else, that you take necessary precautions to not get sick. Our bodies were made to combat disease, but at the same time, our world and bodies weren’t made to fight things like industrial pollution (which takes a toll on the immune system). Because of this, our bodies need help outside of what we are capable of doing on our own. He suggests taking certain supplements and vitamins to combat disease and organically create a strong immune system.

Vaccines have become a trigger topic. One thing that all the college students could agree on was mutual respect on both sides of the argument. Whether you vaccinate or not, it is important to not belittle or harass people for their choices. It’s good to share opinions, but there is a place. A little ounce of kindness mixes with respect is a good tasting cocktail.