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October 04, 2021

Making a list of schools to apply to is an important and difficult task. How can you whittle down a personal list from the 400 (or so) higher-education institutions?

For many students the first distinction is between a small and large institution, however a recent Unigo article suggests that this simple distinction (and the preconceived strengths and weaknesses of each type of school) can often mislead applicants.

Small schools are praised for their small more intimate classes with professors more devoted to students, while large schools are praised for the larger selection of courses and majors, the athletic programs, and the diversity which arises from such a large community.

Nonetheless, John Carpenter suggests that more important than considering size is considering the type of learner you are. Many large universities offer tight-knit learning communities and plenty of small schools have a huge selection of courses and a successful sports program.

Do you think size matters? Did you attend a small college and love it? Hate it? Let us know...

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